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    My family and I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Colorado. I was very nervous because we would be travelling with my husband's family and I didn't want to feel like I was "holding them up" with all my bathroom stops. Amazingly, the trip out and the week in the mountains went beautifully. My IC was manageable, and the whole family was supportive and understanding. My husband, daughter and I were having such a good time we stayed an extra day, then drove back on our own.

    Anyway, on the way back, I had some problems. We ended up having to stop quite frequently. Fortunately, we almost always had access to clean restrooms. There was one stop where I desperately wished I had purchased the Travel John. We were still in Colorado, but weren't far from the Kansas border when I suddenly HAD TO GO. We were coming up to a tiny town that had a "blue" sign showing that food and gas was available. They may have had both things in that town, but you wouldn't have known it - everything was closed! (I guess that happens on Sundays sometimes.) We ended up driving a couple miles out of town to what looked like a tourist trap, excuse me, attraction. Hand-lettered signs boasted a tower where you could see 6 states and a rock museum. Well, we pulled up and I went dashing in to find - NOBODY. I could hear people, but no one came when I called. After walking around yelling "hello" for a couple minutes, the situation was quite tense. My husband honked the horn for me (he was watching our sleeping daughter) which brought someone to the front of the building. A very elderly man told me use of the "facilities" was included in the price of the museum and that I would really like the museum. He then went on to tell me how water had to be pumped out to the place from town - 6 miles, but that "they" (whoever that was) kept the facilities really clean, complete with "paper." Anyway . . . long story short, I paid $1.00 to use a ramshackle, leaning OUTHOUSE!! <img src="graemlins/scream.gif" border="0" alt="[scream]" />

    And yes, there was "paper." It just looked like a wild animal had used it last. Fortunately we had wet wipes in the car. The humor in this whole situation hit hubby and me as we backtracked down the road to the highway. I still can't believe I paid someone a buck to basically go potty outside, I've always been really finicky - and I hate outhouses. Oh well . . . I've learned my lesson. Next time we travel I'll have a Travel John or something similar. Hubby plans to make sure we always have plenty of spare change, just in case. <img src="graemlins/lmao.gif" border="0" alt="[lmao]" />