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The "Donut" Trick

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  • The "Donut" Trick

    While vacationing in Central America and visiting our properties in Costa Rica, my wife and I are put to the test making travel comfortable. Her IC has been diagnosed for 5+years and she is on Oxycontin and Fentanil lollypops for pain (which doesn't give full relief).

    One of our tricks is the "donut" trick. Not wanting to be embarassed by carrying around a donut to sit on, we've come up with a great alternative for those 6 hour plane rides and 4 hour car rides down some of the 3rd world's most bumpy roads. Before our trip we pickup 3 inflatable travel "neck pillows," and a case of earplugs. We've found that the pillows cost over $15 at LAX airport, but only $4 at the local Walmart in the luggage section. I use one to keep my 6'1" stature/head from flopping around the top of the seats. My wife uses one of these around her neck for comfort, and she sits on top of one that is only partially inflated. We use it again in the rental car as we travel along.

    We also take it into our rooms, restaurants, rocking chairs, guided tours, everything. It sure makes sitting on a concrete bench do-able for 10 minutes. My wife gets some relief, or more likely just less irritation and sacral nerve pressure, by sitting on top of this little blue pad. It is air-pressure adjustable like a blow up mattress, and a lot less embarassing than carrying a bright red "donut" pad. (They also work as "water wings" when floating in the ocean or at the spa.

    Of course we throw in a set of earplugs for those weepy children and aircraft engine noises.

    One last thing I'd like to add. When traveling in the tropics we bring along a mosquito net. They cost about $35-$55 and are worth every penny. Even when the bugs are not an issue, it affords a feeling of security and being "zipped-in" that my wife prefers. Plus you get that great African "Mombasa Spider" look of sheer guaze wrapped around your bed in the evenings.

    I spend my time coming up with new and interesting ways of making her comfortable, its one of the few things I CAN do to combat this painful menace. When we take off for a quick weekend with the family and she's getting ready for bed I'll pop out with a heating pad and 20 feet of extension cord, her comfort is my challenge in life.

    My heart goes out to all of you, you're not alone, there ARE some out there who KNOW how much it hurts and BELIEVE YOU. <<We know what it's like to have to fight doctors who think it's all in our heads.>>

    iH8ic = "I Hate IC."

    "I've got ways of making you feel comfortable that haven't been invented yet!"