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  • Swimming

    Some people have mentioned that immersion in watermakes them have to pee I went swimming and had to take an urgent pee break after 20 minutes of doing lengths. If I had waited any longer it would have gone directly into the pool. I found the first private shower, turned it on, stood under it and peed desperately.. then rinsed the area...

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    Full life,
    I think we've all been in your shoes! For a while I couldn't swim at all. Lakes or pools.
    But now I can in the lake and not flare afterwards. As for a pool....well I'm just not brave enough yet. :p The consequences and so forth.
    Tons of support,

    IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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      I live on the beach here in Florida and in the summer I take frequent " dips " ( I love to swim and scuba-dive and so far I never had any problems with the saltwater.
      Even in our pool...hardly ever use it though ...I don't have any ill sideaffects !!
      Hope that helps grouphug
      I promise not to laugh... if you promise not to cry

      Christine .....The GERMAN GIRL ( who can't spell )