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    I will be taking my first airplane flight in OCT. We are going to Myrtle Beach,so its basically a short flight from NJ. I had read that if your prone to motion sickness, which I am, that the middle of the plane is better. But I will also need to be near the bathroom <img src="graemlins/toilet.gif" border="0" alt="[toilet]" /> for the obvious reasons. Any advice would be welcome if you can think of any. [img]biggrin.gif[/img] Thanks-JOJO

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    Hi JoJo

    I have been on several flights since being diagnosed with IC. As I am a Brit living in the USA I fly to England at least once a year.

    I always book an aisle seat, so much easier to get to the restroom. I also wear travel bands to stop me from suffering from motion sickness. They really work for me. you can get them from the pharmacy.

    I also try to take my own bottled water (Evian) and I drink sips of it during the flight to keep me hydrated.

    As soon as I board the plane I use the restroom too, so I can last until they take the seatbelt sign off again. Once I did use my "can't wait" card because we were on a bumpy flight and they hadn't taken the seatbelt sign off. I just showed it to the steward and he let me use the restroom in first class.

    Hope this helps and I am sure you will be just fine


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      hey traysmum, what is a can't wait card and how can I get a hold of one??
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        I'm wondering the same thing about the "can't wait" card. I've heard others write about cards. How can we get one of those?
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          The ICA at sells restroom cards. I have one, but haven't had to use it.

          Stay safe

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