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    No only is flying difficult in the first place, but if yo have to go to the bathroom as soon as you get on or soon after take-off, you're not allowed to.

    At least, I have been refused just about every single time.

    I've even tried just getting up and going without asking and lo and behold there's a flight attendant refusing right there to deny me relief of my pain.

    I try to explain to them but they just say over and over again, "its regulation" that no one can use the bathroom during boarding or during the safety brief (but of course right after that you are taxiing and taking off and you also can't go).

    Once though I had a very nice male at first say no, and then, after a few minutes of him glancing in my direction and seeing how obviously uncomfortable I was, he snuck back down the aisle and whispered "If its really an emeregency and you can be quick go ahead". Yes!

    AND, at least as far as US Airways goes, I had a fligth attendant admit to me that she wasn't allowed to give me permission to go to the bathroom, but she wouldn't stop me if I needed to go. I can live with that.

    My husband lives in Virginia Beach and I in Washington state so I'm looking at a five-hour flight no begin with.

    One thing that helped before I had those BodiHeat heating pads (which rock! (much better than Thermacare) I called ahead and explained that I had a medical problem and if I brought a microwaveable heating pad would they be able to heat it up for me upon request? They agreed! Something to keep in mind...
    -Taryn Vollrath

    Dx 2007 while in the Navy. Medical (honorable) discharge.
    Interstim 2008. Emergency removal of Interstim 2010 which nearly paralyzed me from the waist down.
    When I was first dx, I was literally on a shoebox full of meds. Now I am down to diet management, yoga, meditation, and only during flares Tramadol. Still go to ER on occasion for flares however due to the intense spasms my bladder does. Looking into Botox for said issue.

    My IC took my first marriage within a year. But I am remarried, with a step daughter, and doing fan-tab-u-lous! You can get there, ladies!!

    Consistently looking for ways to be proactive about a situation.
    My healing must start with my thoughts.

    "The acceptable and the unacceptable are both acceptable." -Tao Te Ching

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    I'm glad you have had a few who helped you thru the flight. I've never had a problem before being denied the restroom. But I've flown Continental and Delta.

    I was actually going to tell you calling ahead to explain your situation might help. You already thought of it and I hope it works out for you in future flights.
    Tons of support,

    IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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      I wonder if a letter from your uro would help? I've heard other patients say they always try to get a seat right by the bathroom and can often sneak to the bathroom easier that way. I don't fly too often for it to come up for me.
      ~ Stacey


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        I, too have always had trouble on flights. My family has lived the international lifestyle now for almost a decade, so I have had my share of problems with onflight restrooms. Once, I booked an aisle seat. The airline insisted that I had an aisle seat, and then when I got seated, I was in the middle seat for a 19 hour flight... I broke down on the flight!! It was torture!

        I would definately bring the IC medical card, a note from your doctor, and then personally introduce yourself to each one of the attendants. Nice attendants have let me go when I was desperate, but I've also been there when they dont let you go.... Sometimes they really can be course and stubborn about the policy. They SHOULD let you go if the plane is SITTING on the runway, though.

        I am so sorry you went through that. I've had more than my share of it, and I totally sympathize...


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          I was afraid that was going to happen to me when we flew to China in Feb. 05 to adopt our daughter. But actually, I didn't have a problem. I was able to go as everyone was boarding, I was able to go while in-flight (unless the fasten seat belt sign was on) we even had 3 in-country flights in China and never had a problem either. I didn't have a problem on the way either.

          Did you all hear about the guy that was not allowed to use the bathroom on an hour flight and so he went in the "air sickness bag"? I don't know the name of the airlines.

          That's just not right. They should NOT be able to tell you when you can and cannot go to the bathroom. I don't know about others, but I do know when I get nervous, I tend to go ALOT MORE OFTEN. And yes, I was very nervous and scared on that long flight to China and back. So, I did go alot. Oh, and on the flight over, I was in the middle of the row, but luckily, there was only 1person I had to climb over to go to the bathroom. I felt so sorry for that poor man.


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            I've actually perfected swinging myself over other passengers at this point... I always ask for the aisle and I'm always given the middle or window seats. One stewardess explained it was because I was short!!