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Vacation in the Heartland

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  • Vacation in the Heartland

    No beaches...I know...bummer...

    Here are some ideas

    1. Eureka Springs, AR - (My honeymoon was there) A little cozy paradise
    2. Jasper, AR - Secluded cabin rental, rivers, canoeing
    3. In your own house ....kid style...built a fort/luxury room out of couch cushions, chairs, and blankets. Light it with candles... ;-) I love to revisit my childhood
    4. St. Louis, MO - Lots of freebies...the Zoo, Forest Park, the Glass House, the Muny...the city musuem is NOT free but blues music...etc...

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    I grew up in the midwest (Nebraska and Kansas) and the Rocky Mountains were a favorite vacation. Totally awesome!

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      If I were you I would go to Jasper, AR - Secluded cabin rental, rivers, canoeing. That sounds like fun!!!! I love cabins and canoeing. Do you want to pack me in your suitcase?? haha jk but I hope you have fun where ever you go!


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        I am one that truly LOVES the mountains of Arkansas. THey are totally wonderful. Another thought Hot Springs AR. They have alot of really nice stuff to do. Also there is a water/amusement park there. We have been 3 times and the kids really love it. Also for those that love the mountains if you go up to the northern part of Ark you can see really nice mountains and then if your hubby is like mine you can go up into Missiouri a little bit and go to Bass Pro Shops main store. It is really, really nice. Even if you are not into that stuff I think you would still like it. Also there are a lot of nice caverns you can go into and explore. And also the Passion Play is also really great. When I was growing up we took alot of vactions here and into Tennesse. For me one I love the mountains over the beach. I am just not a beach person. Just a thought.
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