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  • Las Vegas!!

    My husband has a business trip to Vegas this summer and wants me to go. Any ideas on how I can do it and remain on the IC diet and find my water? His conferences are at the Riviera and Caesars Palace but we don't have to stay there. Hilton Grand Vacation Club has kitchens but I'm not sure how far it is from everything. Anyone done Vegas IC style???

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    There are enough places to eat, all or most of which have many food choices, that you shouldnt have a problem finding something thats safe for you to eat.
    Bathroom access isnt a problem either.

    Go and have fun!

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      I think Diana's right, as long as you stay away from restaurants that specialize in, say, spicy foods. The only problem I had in Vegas was that there's an awful lot of walking to get from one place to another. I am not up to a lot of that. But if you're prepared, take a lot of cabs, and plan for efficient walking routes, you should be fine.

      Have fun!
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        Lived near Las Vegas for 5 years, soon to be ex-inlaws live there(visited them very frequently for many years)so have all sorts of great ideas for Vegas IC style. PM me and I'd be glad to help ya! We belong to a time share company that has a huge resort there and that was great for the IC. I have stayed at quite a few of the big resorts too.

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          I am a long time resident here of Vegas and a fellow ICer, if u need info on where to get IC friendly eats on and off the strip just PM me. Hope u have a great time!!!


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