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  • Going Shopping!

    This weekend I am taking a major wedding related trip.

    I bought my dress in October. My best friend's mom is going to alter and fix it. (loops in the back are broken). This is my first fitting since I bought the dress. I cant wait!!! We are going to my friends moms house in DeKalb this weekend. (3 hours north of me).

    My friends mom is also doing our cake, so this weekend, we are going to look at cakes and possibly get a sample. My friends Aunt is also going to be there. She lives near the quad cities and she is going to help do my flowers. So we are going to go over my flower and centerpiece idea this weekend.

    On top of all this, we (the four of us gals) are going to a huge outlet mall in Aurora.:woohoo: And to put it bluntly...I need bras bad! I cant wait to go and get a few new ones. Theres a Kate Spade and a Swarovski outlet among others so Im excited.

    I went to the doc last week. Ive been having trouble with my left heel. She gave me some stretching excersises and stuff. She thinks Ive pulled some ligaments/tendons in my heel. I go back on Thursday. I sincerely hope she doesnt put me on too many restrictions for the weekend. I plan to shop till I drop.
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    I am the proud mom of a two year old boy! I was lucky enough to be in remission my entire pregnancy. If you have any questions regarding my pregancy, delivery, breastfeeding, or pumping, feel free to contact me!

    Im on Facebook! Just tell me you are from the ICN. Look me up under Kim Wayne.

    I love working as a CNA in a nursing home. Started school in August part time. Going for my LPN!!!!

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    That sounds like a BLAST!!! I wish I could come. I love shopping...I'm sure meme will want to come too. haha I hope you have lots of fun with the girls.



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      I hope you have the best time, ever. :woohoo:

      Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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        Sounds like fun! hope you have a blast!!:woohoo: :woohoo: