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  • Denver fall trip

    Parents and I are possibly going to Denver later in the fall. We are planning to stay at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. Dad has a business conference in Denver near the Hyatt. This will be our annual family trip. Last year my parents, my grandma and I went to Cooperstown NY for Columbus Day weekend and it was great. We are planning to do one or two annual family trips. The first night we were there, I will have to eat dinner alone since the welcome reception is only for spouses. I will also have to eat dinner alone on the night of the farewell reception. The hotel restaurant has a menu online. I can't tell if it's IC friendly. Has anyone eaten at this hotel before? Is this a safe area? I never been to Denver before. After this trip we are planning to visit some of mom's family in Seattle.

    We are going to fly but I try and get aisle seat closest to bathroom, either in first class or economy. I find that the wider seats on airplanes (first class/business class) is more comfortable for my bladder. It's just that the possible turbulence will make me want to go more often. I'm sure I get looks from passengers whenever I get up to go.
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    Denver is a beautiful place to visit --- the scenery is wonderful!

    I know you'll have a great time.

    Stay safe

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      I hope you have a wonderful time. I known that you can order pretty much anything from a nice hotel kitchen. You only have to ask for what you want. Such as a steak plain, no seasonings or grilled chicken, plain no seasonings or sauces, baked potatoes everything on the side, etc.
      Also, about traveling on an airplane. Even before I was dx'd with IC I was constantly in the bathroom. What I told myself when I started to get self conscious was, " "What do I care??? I'm never going to see these people again!!!". With everything going on with airline security, you might want to tell your flight attendant that you have a bladder condition that may cause you to go to the bathroom more than usual. I know in first class they are very accommodating about any needs that you have and don't ask a lot of questions. I doubt that you will have any problems.
      Have a great trip!!
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        I like going on sightseeing cruises, but I doubt Denver has one. I know that Rocky Mountain National Park is about an hour away. I also would like to go on Haunted tours, but mom wouldn't be interested. We are there from September 20-23. Dad would be at the conference all of those dates. I'm sure there are historical sites to visit within the area.
        In memory of my beloved best friend in the whole world! Timmy (West Highland White Terrier)

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