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Traveling across US with IC!

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  • Traveling across US with IC!

    I haven't been on here for years, just got to a point where I couldn't find a thing to help I stopped looking! But I really need to find something to help in the next 6 months!! I have had to go to the bathroom around every half hour about my whole life! Might have been born with the IC. Than figured out myself and than surgerily diagnosed with the IC at age 18, now 25.
    I am marrying a guy in the army, and have to move from Utah to Georgia in a few months. That's a four day trip or so, and stopping to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes is not probable! We have to drive to move all my stuff there and so I can help him drive. Than if I hold having to go it flars my bladder and making me have to go ever 5-15 minutes, and the bladder hurts, and burns to go.
    I tried several meds, the ic diet, etc. I do not trust doctors or meds. I have several other health problems and haven't found any meds to help with anything! So I am far more interested in natural things. If I can't figure out how not to go every 30 mins, I am really in huge trouble in needing to make this trip!
    Please help!

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    driving across U. S.

    Hi Tommy,
    Mothergoose just told me about Travel Johns, which she uses for car rides. I haven't seen one myself, but she said they're little things made of foam, that you can urinate in, in the car. Apparantly, the foam absorbs the urine so it doesn't leak.
    MG said you can buy them from Amazon, or from this web site when they are in stock.
    I hope that helps some.


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      Travel johns are great. They have a plastic top that fits well so you can urinate without spills --- and the plastic bag that receives the liquid has absorbent material so it doesn't slosh around and spill.

      The only other things I can think of are medications, such as antispasmodics, which can help cut down frequency.

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        The IC pillow sold on this site has been a help for me. I do not feel the bouncing from the car near as much.