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  • Need IC friendly vacation ideas...

    I used to love traveling. When I was younger one of my favorite trips was to I'm not talking Vegas (although we did go there) or Reno, but like driving for hours and hours seeing absolutely nothing to get in between ghost towns and stuff. I want to go somewhere more like that...I was thinking New Mexico. But, I just called my Gram who went there not that long ago and she told me that bathroom situation on most of the tours she went on was not good, like in Canyon de Chelly...she said when you get there there's bathrooms, but down in the canyon it's four hours of nothing. So I don't think this is going to work. Travel johns and things like that aren't an option on tours. Meds and pillows don't help me either. I thought I finally had a really interesting idea of somewhere to go like where we used to go when I was younger and there's no way I can do anything like that.

    I'm not interested in cruises or resorts or anything like that which I'm sure would be the most bathroom friendly. I don't know what to do.

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    My favorite thing is to go to any beach. We are fortunate to live within two hours of the Oregon beaches. I really like to have a spot with an ocean view --- then if it's windy or cold --- or if I don't feel good --- out come the field glasses. We have a little motor home so always have a bathroom at hand.

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      I know how you feel, I grew up camping and driving on adventures and long to do that again. But without an RV or really good camper, I don't see how I can do that. The other things I love take a lot of physical stamina and I don't have much of that right now either.

      I NEVER thought I would like a cruise either. I love architecture and historic sites. We went on a cruise a few years ago and I was surprised how much I loved it. We don't go on the big flashy cruise ships, I like Royal Caribbean and tend to go on the older smaller ships. I have been to Key West, which is absolutely gorgeous and lots of cool places to visit...that are not bars! I love Miami and we sail out of there sometimes. Also, the Bahamas has some cool places to visit too. It is like going to a lot of different places but letting someone else do the driving, and cooking, making the bed. We don't gamble or anything like that but I find plenty that I enjoy while in between ports.

      Just wanted to share what I thought of my cruises. The food is wonderful and you can always find something that you can eat. My biggest fear of traveling somewhere is not finding food I can eat!

      Just to add, I have a second cousin with IC, though not as bad as mine. She went on a driving trip in New England last year, she said the same thing about restrooms. They were few and far between and hard to find. I really want to visit there too, maybe I will have to make that one a cruise as well.

      I have been to New York before my IC but with IBS and found that the bathroom access was pretty good. We were in Manhattan and had an absolute blast, I am dying to go back.
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        The thing I don't like about cruises is that you're very limited to how long you can stay in a place...I like to plan my own thing. I really don't want to go anywhere beachy either. I really appreciate the suggestions, I just don't think I've ever going to be able to do what I really want to do again.


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          I like to rent an apartment or hotel with a kitchenette, so I can cook for myself.
          With google maps and the internet, it's easy to find a place near a grocery store or a grocery store near the hotel

          My mom & I have done this in Vancouver BC and Portland, OR. In Portland we rented a car, in Vancouver, we didn't need to - just used day tour buses or taxis. I also went to a private language school in Spain to work on my Spanish. The school arranged me a shared apartment with 3 other students. I had my own shelf in the fridge and kitchen use. I did half day classes, so if I was tired, I could rest in the afternoon (Spanish siesta!), but if I wasn't - I could sightsee then.

          I hope you find something you like to do. Reclaiming travel was a big part of my getting better with IC.

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            I love Kadi's idea. I have been saying for a while I would love to go to Canada. How did you find where you wanted to stay? Did you do your own research? Or use a travel agent. I have always had a huge interest in travel and have arranged a few trips for my parents and for us that have turned out great. England is my dream vacation but I don't think I will get there anytime soon.
            You have gotten my travel "bug" going! I haven't taken any trips since I was diagnosed and that is the longest we have gone without a trip since we were married 15 years ago! I am a bit apprehensive but I really want to go somewhere. I have thought about flying out west and then driving to see the sights. I have never seen the Grand Canyon outside of a plane! I really want to see our country. Hopefully some members from other places in the States can post some about their individual areas. Maybe that could help some of us decide where we could go.

            We need a Bathroom Railroad!! LOL
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              Bathroom railroad, LOL!

              Maybe the grand canyon would be good. Someone in this forum was talking about lots of bathroom along the paved trails if you go back in the older posts.


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                LithEruiel, part of traveling for me is being prepared. I really like Disney World because if you don't feel like doing one of the parks, your can sit by the pool, play mini-golf, etc. LOTS of bathrooms.

                I also like camping, but I have to have the bathroom near-by. We haven't camped except at a church camp or at Disney in years, and I usually get my way with the location of our camper.

                Part of being prepared is keeping pyridium and tylenol or vicodin in my fanny pack. I sometimes get a handicapped permit if I am uncertain of the parking situation. If we go to Disney, we always get a rental car ((Orlando is about the cheapest for rental cars anyway). That way, I am not stranded waiting for buses for any length of time, then have to ride the bumpy vehicle if my bladder is fussy.

                I know you said you didn't want to do a cruise, but this past fall, my husband and I took the Disney Magic Transatlantic cruise. We had several at sea days which were glorious....even 5 in a row as we crossed the ocean. I have to say, aside from getting to Barcelona (which took about 24 hours the way we did it, lol) it was a dream vacation for an IC patient. My own potty, and someone else cleaned it three times a day.

                Also, like Donna, I like the beaches.............Have you been to Hawaii?
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                  I have been to Hawaii actually and would like to go again. There was lots of stuff to do besides go to the beach. I think I'd be more into a beach or warm weather place if any of my summer clothes would fit me right now, but they won't...I've gained so much weight. I mean obviously New Mexico would be hot, but in some of those places I'd think you'd want to wear pants anyway... I really want to do something historical like we always used to when I was younger. I have an anthropology degree and I never do anything like that anymore...I feel like I'm losing it.


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                    Have you ever traveled to the Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown area's of VA?
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                      No, I haven't, those would be really interesting, thanks


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                        I have done a lot of traveling with IC and for the most part had good expirences, I have lots of learned travel tips.

                        I really like cursies, I have done quite a few, I spent 30 days on a boat last year, they cater to my food need's 100%, I don't do the tours I get off the boat on port days and just explore, or not stay on the boat and use the facilities.

                        Another place to go with lots to do and see is Venice, I found bathrooms okay, food was a bit more of a problem but finally found going into a deli and buying a plain bun and slices of cheese with water. But you can walk and explore all over or take the boats to get around.

                        Last spring my bladder was not doing too well, I always pee at least every 30 mins. My son's grad class needed parents to go along, I really wanted to go, but was really afraid because of the state my bladder was in, we were to go in a bus, the bus broke down so that ment Parents needed to drive, a 8 hour drive, I could not do this, so I rode with a friend and another parent drove my truck.

                        The trip was to a white water rafting place, where you stay in tents, tpee's for the kids, but the tents had bed etc fancy for camping, they catered the food in a resturant, and packed lunches for us for the day trips, I called a head and talked to them about my food requirerments, I have a lot of allergies too. They assured me they could accomidate my needs and did with lots of healthy selections.

                        I got there and figured I could not go on the rafts, I was afraid of the pounding and jostling about, and the biggy I would have to go 2 1/2 hours between pee breaks, not do able for me. So the first day I had a very relaxing day at the camp, it was beautiful on the river, had resturant, indoor plumbing, camp fire pit, volley ball, various other games, benches etc.
                        After haveing such a relaxing day I felt much better the next day. A girl who worked for the company asked why I was not on the raft so I explained about needing to pee so much. She said we can work around that, she said I could use a bush right before getting into the rafts, you ride a bus a 1/2 out to rafts. I could go at the lunch spot, they have facilities, if I needed to go just to go for a swim in the river, we were in wet suits, and if depserate the raft operator would pull over to the bank so I could get out and go, so that just left the banging, and she said well sit at the back of the raft it is the smoothest.

                        Well I went, I loved every min, a great expirence with the kids, I live in a small town so my son has gone to school with these 20 kids althought school, so I knew them all quite well, I often volenteered at the school. I feel this was a privliage to do this. It was a once in a lifetime expirence.

                        So my point is travel and trust the kinks will work out, we travel for around 6 weeks at a time a couple of times a year, been lots of places and done lots of things.

                        I wouldn't recomend Mexico I find it is a bit harder of a place to find restrooms. I went to Thiland for a month tour and same thing I was scared but found the tour people to be really helpful.

                        Yes I have gotten sick while traveling mostly with uti's I just try to take any meds I might need with me, and have some down days.


                        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                          travel ideas

                          Just chiming in.
                          I agree that Disney is a very good destination. They have bathrooms all over the place, you can do as much or as little as you feel like and there are interesting things to do and see in the parks and outside and lots of food choices.
                          Since I am from VA. I also agree that the Williamsburg area might be a good idea. It's interesting, different, and lots of fun. We've been to Australia(loved the place and especially the people, who are great)(went there pre-IC), Hawaii, Bermuda, Aruba and on and on, but Williamsburg still remains one of my favorite places to go.
                          The outer banks of North Carolina are another favorite. We used to go to Nags Head all the time and rent a house on the beach. We would then drive down the coast to Cape Hatteras which is beautiful. Just not a great place in August, lots of flies!
                          Hilton Head Island, SC is beautiful, but pretty pricey. There are interesting places to visit from HH, like Dafuski Island and Savannah.
                          Washington D.C. is actually pretty interesting too, if you like museums, monuments and that sort of thing. However, it can be hard to find a restroom if you're just walking around. You have to go into a museum or restaurant. And then there's that darn reflecting pool full of water, and there you are having to pee!

                          Anywho, just my thoughts on the matter. Now I've got myself all nostalgic for the places that we've been! Maybe time to go back.


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                            I also like to rent a little apartment or small house so I can do my own cooking! These types of accomodations are very easy to find in most any city around the world using this website:

                            Book amazing rentals on Vrbo - the most popular vacation rental site in the US. ✓+2 million rentals worldwide ✓19+ million reviews ✓Secure online payment ✓24/7 Customer Service

                            My last trip to Mexico I found an adorable efficiency apartment on the side of a cliff overlooking a valley!

                            Good luck!


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                              Oh, interesting. I wasn't worried about the cooking/food thing (I rarely cook at home and don't have many restrictions), but it I bet it still would be cool to get a little place in some areas.