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  • Long drive tips?

    I have a long drive coming up this summer and I am dreading it. I have found in the past that I can tolerate about 15-20 mins in the car before I am in serious pain. My trip in July will be two days coming and going. I am considering an IC cushion from the shop. Has anyone used these? This is my first vacation since I have had IC (and pelvic floor dysfunction) and I would appreciate any tips. I will be taking a "survival kit" and reminding myself that the vacation will be worth it. Thanks!

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    Re: Long drive tips?

    Hey there, that sounds tough but i'm sure you will find ways. yes, cushions helpful. pain killers. get up and walk as often as you can. bring food you cook that is safe for you. stay where you have a kitchen can help.
    and, any chance of flying or train? sure you've looked at everything, but thought id' ask only as it sounds tough on you.


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      Re: Long drive tips?

      I have cushions from the ICN Shop (the ones shown with blue cover) and they definitely help. Other suggestions: Take along several small pillows so you can change positions and have support. Wear a loose dress or skirt (makes it easier to urinate if you have to do a "hide behind a bush"). Get some Travel Johns in case you're stuck where there aren't clean restrooms.

      If the shoulder belt in the car is uncomfortable, you can take a spring clothespin and pull the belt out so it is very loose, then clip the clothespin where the belt comes out of the car to keep the belt loose. If you do have a need for the belt, the clothespin will pop off and you still have the protection of the belt.

      Plan frequent stops --- even a five-minute walk can help me get back in the car comfortably for some more miles. Don't plan to travel more than four to six hours in a day --- there are inexpensive motels where you can stop and get some rest to help divide the trip.

      Take along enough drinking water for the entire trip --- and IC friendly snacks for in the car. Have a look at fast food restaurant menus on line so you will have some idea what you can order that's IC safe.

      Very important: take along your emergency medications in case of a flare --- and don't forget to drink water and stick with the diet 100%. Even more important is to have a good time!

      Stay safe

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        Re: Long drive tips?

        btw i found a rice cooker on amazon that cook s1.5 cups rice...i plan to get one for our road trip, as means i can cook safe rice and veg in my hotel room. maybe worth having something like that for whilst away as well...


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          Re: Long drive tips?

          I sit on a cushion, I use a heating pad, I buy a thing that goes into the light socket that lets me plug the cord into it, I have extra pillows, I hold a pillow on my lap.

          I take muscle relaxers.

          I also pack lots of safe snacks there are not many in gas station stores.
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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            Re: Long drive tips?

            i have a long drive just as you for two days and have just been asking for advice as my last vacation was a disaster. i too am planning on trying the cushions and wonder if they helped you


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              Re: Long drive tips?

              i saw these hot hands hand warmers on amazon and i am thinking to purchase some as perhaps they could be a replacement
              for a heating pad when travelling