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  • My Airline Experience

    I'd like to take the time to relay a recent travel experience I had with IC.
    Like many with IC, travel, especially long travel that requires flying can be daunting for me.
    It's a lot to juggle: the drive to the airport, timing out my bathroom breaks while trying to get through security, get to my gate, and make it to the plane on time, dealing with airline customer service to ensure I have bathroom access on the flight, and navigating layovers. Not to mention the turbulence and occasional discomfort in airplane seats.
    But, recently I had the fortuitous experience of flying with Southwest Airlines! From the get-go, it was a positive and relieving experience. Like always, I called the airline prior to my departure date to ensure I could be granted seating near a restroom. I was informed that since Southwest doesn't use assigned seating, I didn't need to do anything more than inform a desk agent on the day of my travel that I required priority boarding. The customer service agent was courteous, kind, and respectful!
    On the day of travel, I requested priority boarding. Only two questions were asked: #1. Do you require assistance boarding the flight? #2. Do you require a specific seat? I said yes to #2 and received a priority boarding slip for all flights involved in my travel that day. I was the first on all flights and was able to sit up at the front, within 5 steps of a restroom! But the amazing customer service didn't stop there. During one of the flights, we experienced turbulence and so the mandatory seat belt sign was on. Despite this, the flight attendants all understood my need for the restroom and let me get out of my seat when needed (of course advising me that the seat belt sign was on and it was not recommended, per protocol). They also specifically asked if I needed extra water throughout the flight regularly, which I was especially thankful for, since staying hydrated is a must for IC!
    I travel a lot, and I have never had such an amazing experience with an airline, especially as a current sufferer of a chronic illness. It was great, helped me have that little extra boost of relief, gave me some of my confidence back as a traveler, and I highly recommend this airline to any IC patient!
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    Surgeries: Laparoscopy, Hydrodistention (2)
    Procedures: Regular bladder instillations
    Therapies: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy 2x/week, homeopathic home-care, yoga and massage

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    Re: My Airline Experience

    I'm glad you had a pleasant experience --- thank you for sharing.

    Stay safe

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