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Tips for traveling with IC?

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  • Tips for traveling with IC?

    Hi everyone. I'm not yet diagnosed with IC but have many of the symptoms, particularly urinary frequency and intermittent bladder discomfort. Foods definitely have an effect on me--if I eat or drink the wrong thing, my symptoms flare up and I find myself having to find a bathroom every hour/hour and a half or so for multiple days.

    Anyway, my main question right now is--does anyone have advice for how to travel successfully with IC? I am going on a Scandinavian cruise next summer. It is my dream vacation and I was so excited when we booked it but now rather than looking forward to it I find myself very nervous when I think about it. On the boat it shouldn't be too much of a problem, just an inconvenience. But on the shore excursions I am concerned about restroom availability. Finding public restrooms in a city (especially a foreign city) is sometimes difficult enough as it is, but if I am on a guided tour that adds an extra problem. Since it is sometimes difficult to predict what my symptoms will be like on a given day, but I'm not sure what I'll do if I find myself having a bad day and needing a bathroom every hour while on a day-long tour.

    If anyone has any vacation/travel trips they could share maybe it would put my mind at ease a little. (Cruise tips in particular would be an added bonus but I'll take anything I can get!) Thank you all!

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    Re: Tips for traveling with IC?

    One thing I strongly recommend is to communicate your concerns to the tour folks. You will be pleasantly surprised at the accommodations they can come up with to deal with people with disabilities.

    Also --- if you click on the Vacation forum title, then scroll down and reset the time span from 1 month to a longer period, you'll find a wealth of travel tips.

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