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Travel tips with IC?

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  • Travel tips with IC?

    Today I was able to go on a short 3 hour trip being the driver, went fairly well aside from stopping every hour/half hour. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make IC, or going to the bathroom easier to travel with, by car? I have an 8-12 hour trip coming up in a few months.

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    Re: Travel tips with IC?

    Sorry to be slow with these tips:

    1. Wear comfortable clothing --- I prefer a dress --- it's easier to use a Travel John wearing a dress.
    2. I should have listed purchasing some Travel Johns as #1.
    3. Take several small pillows along so you can change positions comfortably.
    4. If the seat belt is uncomfortable, place a spring clothespin on the belt where it comes out above your shoulder; pull the belt out so it's loose, then clip the clothespin on it --- it will keep the belt loose, but if there's a sudden stop or a crash, the clothespin pops off and you are protected.
    5. Be sure to take along some bladder friendly foods and drinks --- a small cooler can be very handy.
    6. Stop frequently to just walk around for a few minutes and use a restroom.
    7. Don't plan on long days of driving --- five to six hours can be plenty for a day and motels aren't usually expensive.

    I love traveling.

    Any other tips?

    Stay safe

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      Re: Travel tips with IC?

      so disposable pee bags (Travel John) are FAB in case you get stuck in traffic. definitely have those in the car at all times
      as Donna says, comfortable closes.
      i stop a lot and walk around
      i drink a moderate amount but not too much
      we break trips up only going 4-5 hours in a day, with breaks
      i take pain killers before i travel and also bicarb to keep bladder calm if its flaring too
      i bring all my own food

      (same things i do on a plane...)


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        Re: Travel tips with IC?

        Donna, Thanks fo your tips, especially about wearing a dress. I usually wear loosed pants but dress is even better. No pressure on my abdomen -yeah!. I have a 3 1/2 day car trip ahead of me. I was just diagnosed 8 weeks ago and am cramming to find out everything I can about IC. Before now - I'd never heard of it. What do you consider bladder friendly food and drinks? Thanks again.