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sex and pain??

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  • sex and pain??

    Hi everyone! I am resently engaged and I have a question about sex. I am a virin and I have read a lot about the pain sex can cause when you have IC and Pelvic flloor dysfunction. I can currently do an hour of yoga three times a week, and walk on the treadmill for a hour. I don't have ic pain anymore. It is very rare, and my pfd is definitely better since I started pt. I was wondering if any of you gals had any tips for me to lessen the pain of intercourse. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    There's a section in the Patient Handbook that should help. One of the most important things is plenty of lubrication, even if you feel you shouldn't need it.

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      Also, I recommend not over-thinking it. When I was diagnosed, my husband and I hadn't been intimate in over a month- my pelvic floor dysfunction made EVERYTHING painful! I couldn't even contemplate it. However, when PT had helped me enough to where I could even consider it, much to my surprise- it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. It works to kind of stretch things out for me, I think. The anxiety was much worse than the actual act the first time! If you're already pain free from the PT, just try to remain positive and hopeful! And Donna's right... lube makes everything easier!
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