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Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

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  • Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

    I'm dating the first guy I've ever fully trusted and really liked. He knows about my IC and is supportive. We've only been dating a few months, but we've known each other for several years. I've never had sex before, but I am thinking that it might happen with this guy.

    Here's my concern: I usually flare up even just from arousal. I'm not sure what's going to happen with intercourse. When I flare up, I experience retention, and I usually have to catheterize myself.

    I've heard that after sex you should pee right away to flush out any bacteria and avoid UTIs. What can I do to prevent UTIs if I have to cath after sex? Won't the catheter just push the bacteria in more and increase the likelihood of a UTI?

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    Re: Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

    What can happen with becoming aroused is that the tissue becomes engorged and it's like swelling. If you wait just a little while afterwards, the tissue usually will return to normal so you can urinate without the catheter. You might even try a cool compress --- such as a clean towel dampened with cool water --- placed over the area to help.

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      Re: Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

      Hi Asha,
      Yes I use a cold pack after sex. Helps take the inflammation down. You are right to pee straight after to expel any bacteria that has made its way up there.
      Have a look at D Mannose too- at the ICN shop . It's supposed rid your bladder of impurities including ecoli.
      I use the NOW brand. So far so good.
      Good luck and I'm really happy for you to meet someone so special xxxxxxxx
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        Re: Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

        I almost but gave up on sex because of the UTI risks. Every time you have sex, you risk a UTI. Urinating immediately afterwards can help, but you have pee right afterwards, and this does not always work either. One thing you can try is, shower off down there right before having sex. This way you can wash away any bacteria that may be lingering down there. DMannose is good, I take it daily, but it Only works against E-coli. You could take a dose right before and right after you have sex. I agree, I would Not catheterize after sex, this would likely just push bacteria into the bladder. I would try and wait it out until you can pee on your own if possible. I am sorry you are dealing with this, I understand. My hubby and I have not really had a booming sex life( intercourse wise) due to the pain it causes and UTI Risks. I HATE being a woman sometimes!


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          Re: Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

          totally agree about D Mannose. i take it before sex, after sex and 12 hours later. i was taking it every day to avoid UTI's but they've decreased so now i just do with sex or if i feel niggles. I was taking other brands but really expensive..i now use NOW as well and have been fine with them.

          If you google Waterfall D Mannose + Johnny
          you get a site with a good D Mannose protocol for lots of situations including sex...

          they suggest "Cystitis related to sexual activity only: 1 level to heaped teaspoonful an hour before sex. Don't urinate until after sex. Then take another level teaspoon of Waterfall D-Mannose . The following morning take another. Timing is important. It takes an hour for 90% of the d-mannose you take to get into your urine, so if you don't follow the regime properly, for at least the first 3 months of treatment, an infection is likely to start. After 3 months (approx) with no infection, it is usually safe to be a little more daring, and occasionally just take the product after sex. But on the whole, be careful!"
          however the one hour before and don't pee doesn't work for i do right before and hope for the best...figure takes a little while to get to that point anyway...


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            Re: Avoiding UTIs after intercourse

            Thank you ladies for your suggestions!!

            I'm having what I hope are normal "first time" worries, and coupled with my IC worries I'm just wanting to make it as nice as possible. It probably won't happen for a while because I am so used to taking things slow, but I just want to be prepared.

            I really appreciate the advice!