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  • Sex and IC

    Ever since I have been diagnosed with IC almost a year ago. Me and my boyfriend have not been having sex as often. It hurts a lot and I just don't want to go through that pain. I want to try and be more active with him I am just afraid. He is extremely understanding about it. I would like suggestions of anything to help or that has worked for other couples. Thanks.

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    Re: Sex and IC
    UTI 3/2015
    IC ,PFD
    prescribed meds: Endep 60mg, Elmiron 400mg, BC. Enablex 7.5mg.

    Supplements: Chitomur peptide, colostrum, Echinacea, liver detox swisse, calcium citrate, glucosamine, Psyllium Husk.

    Daily diet: Breakkie- oats with chia seeds and no fat milk. Post workout-turkey breast with mixed veggies. Lunch-raw green soup with rye roll and handful of peanuts/almonds. Dinner- changes but meat and veg. Dessert-banana and sugar free custard (homemade) or banana and apple bake with almonds cinnamon and honey with a dollop of coconut cream.

    Tried: tramadol, cystoprotek, multi right, diazepam, vesicare, Ditropan, mirabegron, Flomax, lyrica, progesterone.


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      Re: Sex and IC

      Hi Dara30! There's a lot of info on these forums from women in your same situation. Good place to start getting ideas about this is to search 'sex' in the forum search. I'm so glad your boyfriend is a good guy and understanding! That really helps when you have a supportive partner. The best thing I found is to just rest your body and kind of put sex on the back-burner for a while. If you would still like to occasionally have sex though, there are a couple things I've tried that have helped me during those situations. The first thing you could do is use ice afterward. I use a very small ice pack, I make my own, wrap it well in something (a towel, etc.), and apply it either in between the legs or over your lower pelvis where the bladder sits. This is the best thing I found. Some people use heat over their pelvis but that always seems to flare me up. Another thing I've had some luck with is taking either a muscle relaxer (I use Flexeril) or a Xanax. Both are very relaxing to me so I think it helps by keeping my muscles from tensing up so much...of course they can make you sleepy. You may fall asleep before the deed is done! You can also have vaginal Valium suppositories made and use one of them afterward, but for me they take too long to start working. You might be able to insert it before but I haven't tried that. I think it probably would get on the guy's body as well and might make things...difficult to say the least. The last thing I sometimes use is prescription strength 5% Lidocaine cream. This is mainly if you have actual urethral or vaginal discomfort afterward. Make sure it's the 5%, because the regular 2% is like water and does absolutely nothing for me. Those are the things I have found that can be helpful. I'm sure other women on here can give you ideas for things they have tried that help as well. Good luck! Hope you find one of these will help you out.

      IBS-D: 1997
      Premature Ovarian Failure: 2008
      Completely Menopausal: 2014 (age 39)
      IC: 2015

      Colestipol HCL: amazing for IBS-D
      Minivelle: estrogen patch
      Prometrium: oral progesterone to start period
      Tramadol: 1/2-50 mg. as needed for pain
      Xanax: 2.5 mg. as needed for anxiety
      Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Massage: Yay!
      5% Lidocaine: for urethral & vaginal pain
      Ice packs: helps soooo much!
      Stopped letting doctors mess around with my bladder! No more invasive procedures for me...only made things worse!

      This is all definitely hormone related...bladder discomfort and pain is very minimal now!


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        Re: Sex and IC

        Thank you for that link