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  • So tired

    I have been so tired since I have found out I have IC.. I am tired when I wake up, I am tired till about 4 or 5pm then I by then I am exhausted.
    Is it going to be like this the rest of my life.
    I never get anything done.. I run home to the couch every night.. I have very little enegry and when I do I try to get something done cause I wear out fast then back to couch... HELP . Becky

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    Becky.... are you on any meds that cause drowsiness?

    I am very tired too.. and I then realized that it's most likely because of depression. If you say that it happened as soon as you had IC it might be because you are discouraged.. Well don't be. THere are many things that can help you to feel better.

    Have you tried a self-assessment for depression?

    Hope you find the energy again


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      Thyroid and/or HRT

      Dear Becky -

      Have you had your thyroid checked? If not, you might want to do that. Also, are you on any HRT? If not, your low energy can be caused by low estrogen.

      Hope this is helpful to you.