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    I went down to Savannah today to get some injections in my back. Oh, yeah! I was not alone. I had gone to the same doctor last Wednesday, which is his day to be in lown.(local office) OK. I was not in much pain on the way down. (although I had hoped to sleep a little better before than I did) ( and could not officially nap, either)(once back) (rested only) Regardless, he did inject on both sides with 2 different medicines/pain relievers. OK. One was just what dentist put in the gums before drilling.(and gone by now) Oh! The other one should last a little bit. Yep! I got back up feeling lightheaded and had to lay back down. (and not unusual) Then I had to pee bad enough. I went to the bathroom with the cane and noticed my head was not better yet. My legs just felt weak. OK. I did pee, bit I fell out in the hallway. (and went outside in wheelchair where my head started feeling right again.(in 70+* weather) (as it was 74* locally) My back does not hurt. That is good to know, but I still have felt something in my shoulders that I don't like too much. My legs could be better as well.