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    02-17-2011, 04:28 PM #16
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    Posts: 642 I went down to Savannah today to get some injections in my back. Oh, yeah! I was not alone. I had gone to the same doctor last Wednesday, which is his day to be in lown.(local office) OK. I was not in much pain on the way down. (although I had hoped to sleep a little better before than I did) ( and could not officially nap, either)(once back) (rested only) Regardless, he did inject on both sides with 2 different medicines/pain relievers. OK. One was just what dentist put in the gums before drilling.(and gone by now) Oh! The other one should last a little bit. Yep! I got back up feeling lightheaded and had to lay back down. (and not unusual) Then I had to pee bad enough. I went to the bathroom with the cane and noticed my head was not better yet. My legs just felt weak. OK. I did pee, bit I fell out in the hallway. (and went outside in wheelchair where my head started feeling right again.(in 70+* weather) (as it was 74* locally) My back does not hurt. That is good to know, but I still have felt something in my shoulders that I don't like too much. My legs could be better as well.

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    I hope this works for you for at least a while.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      I had thought it was doing some good. I woke up with back, neck, and shoulder pain once again. I did have the same yesterday morning as well. I can hardly walk now. I don't understand why I wake up worse than I go to bed sometimes. What a bummer! What a life! In fact, I can hardly type right now. I think I am going to get in bed once again. I actually managed to get a shower because I thought I was going with mother to take some papers for the doctors to fill out for me. I do know she just looked at me and told me to stay home. By the way, we have got retirement disability at Georgia Southern. Of course, I still have to be approved, but it will be like I am retired from the state as well. I will make about enough to cover the insurance.(since I won't make as much as I have been) Oh, yeah! I can still try to get SSI as well. I have got to go back the bathroom and then my bed once again. That will be all now.


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        I did get an IC diagnoses back in 1997, but I still worked until the last day of November of last year. Of course, I was a custodian that could get to a bathroom easily enough. There were times, on some shifts, where I would be unable to see another single person.(which may not mean I was the only one in the building) Regardless, I was told to stay home until the neurosurgeon, the same one that did my major neck surgery last March, filled out the paperwork saying I could return.(because I lost my balance more than once at work)(fell in presence of my supervisor) OK. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, advanced, the week of Christmas. OK. I still have balance issues and will not be considered an employee after March is all over.(the end of the month)(never went back) I would go home in tears sometimes because of pain, but I don't have all the IC pain now.Oh! I do know some people try to fool the system.(no kidding) That just sucks. Yep! I did type all of that to make the point that IC is not my main reason to be trying to get on it right now. I should hear whether or not I get on retirement diability through the teachers retirement system any day now. OK. I did not get the urologist to send in any information on me. I just got the ones that have been treating me since I stopped working.(which I have been to a few by now) OK. I am waiting to hear about SSD as well.I can quit typing a chapter now. Oh, well!


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          Hey States, sorry you are going through all this. Sounds like permanent disabiltiy to this layperson. Really wish you well with all of this nonsense, paperwork, paperwork, doctors, begging, pleading. And yeah, the people who play the system ruin it for the truly disabled, so you really can't blame them too much for being extra careful. We hope they are, but for goodness sake, your sup saw you fall, your doc's office saw you fall. The end of March is just around the corner. Hope you get answers soon, and hope those shots help you, if even just a little. How is your IC treatment itself going? Are you getting any relief? Makes us cry to see so many having so much going on with their bodies. Wish you well, it will all turn out okay, just try to be patient and hang in there. Jill, wife of Bob


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            I don't like interstitial cystitis at all. I don't like degenerative disc disease at all. I don't like chronic fatigue at all. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired by now. I have gotten used to walking with a cane by now. I may get doors held open for me. I still wish my life was better now.
            I don't have all the IC pain, but I still woke up with pain up to my eyeballs. Yep! I am in pain now, too. I lost my balance a couple of times and decided to lay back down.(instead of trying to get to 9:05 service or Sunday school)OK. I dozed some more. I did get ready and attend the 11:05 contemporary service.(though in pain) At least, I still went to church. (then Wendy's drive-thru and back home) By the way, I have snoozed since then. Hey! It is not like I had much to do. (or wanted to do) Oh! I don't like being tired as much as I am on some occasions. Oh, well! I'll probably get denied on SSD, but I have not heard yet. We dont know what all will happen in our lives, but life goes on. Oh! I am not ashamed to mention what all I did.(and post on my page) Yep! Oh, well!
            Sunday at 8:17pm · I have been up a whole hour now, and I feel like I don't have much energy and/or motivation. (like I should have stayed in bed some more)Oh, yeah! I did get up a couple of times to urinate due to interstitial cystitis, but I still got proper amount of sleep. Yep! Oh! I woke up with shoulder pain, neck pain, back discomfort, and weakness in the legs. How am I supposed to be having a decent life any longer? I don't want to sound like an unhappy camper, but the shoe seems to fit right now. I am a Navy war veteran from 1991. Also, I worked as a custodian over 15 years straight. OK. I decided to mention that to make it clear enough that I have done my share of work and that I am not some wimp and/or loser.(even though I may feel like a loser sometimes) Anyway, I still know God is always good. I still know I have had people praying for me. I know that some people have gotten better through the power of prayer, but I can't handle anymore on my plate right now. I am gonna let that be all now.
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              I could not stand up straight once I first woke up today. OK. I was in pain as well. I finally took an Eleve Liguid Gel, rubbed down with pain relieving cream and still got in tub with Epson Salt before I felt like getting ready and going somewhere. Besides, a female friend and I had planned to go out to eat together at a local restaurant. Yep! We still did. I was walking with the cane as well. She could tell I was not doing all too splendid. Regardless, she wanted to buy some groceries at the nearby Wal-Mart. OK. I do take her to go shopping sometimes. Anyhow, I finally noticed both legs were not feeling good. That was why I went to sit down. That would be what the benches are all for. I ended up having to go to the bathroom as well. I just threw that in. She got finished up. I walked right outside, as in 2 steps, and fell. Oh! I got back up. I just scraped my right hand a tad. Yep! I can hardly tell it any longer. Cane went down, too. The man and woman walking behind us were asking if I was OK. I was saying I seem to be. She was saying that I just do that sometimes and then get back up. I had to hold on to the cart and the cane the rest of the way. (with legs not feeling good) Oh! She got taken home and then I went home, too. Geez! I am not totally pain free right now. My legs don't feel totally normal now. I was standing by a window in my apartment after I got back. My knees went forward.(which means that I start to go straight, or basically, down)(and happened a few times before) OK. I have not been having falls as much. I feel like resting now. That will be all now.