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    The last time that I actually hit the clock was November 29, 2010. OK. I was told the next day that I could not go back without the neurosurgeon giving the "OK" for me to. That never happened at all. MRI was showing degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis 3 days before Christmas. Also, I ended up having a functional capacity evaluation during the winter that I did not do too good on.(nope)I was asked my pain level before starting. (and said "3") It must have been 6 by the time that I got to leave again. I did not like the testing too much. She stated on the report that I might be able to do sedentary work only. Oh! She never stated I went to the bathroom 4 times during the test at all. Sitting did not bother me too much back then, but sitting has since made my back pain more noticeable at times. (which could mean I should not sit here as much)(except I have to go to bathroom often enough) Regardless, I am on retirement disability, but I don't feel retired now. I was hoping to make it all the way to "real" retirement and then enjoy some of it. Geez! Bummer! What a life! Then we got to get on disability and have to be denied and then get a lawyer to try to help us. Then we might even have to go in front of a judge. Come on. I could not stand up straight earlier. Oh! I was on a divorce case back in the 90's. (as in jury duty) (prior to IC)Regardless, I got called up twice since then. Yep! I went and signed a paper stating that I had IC and could not handle it and got out of it. OK. I had to get a fax sent from the urologist office the second time to verify it. Anyway, I wish I did not have as much free time, but I also wish I felt like accomplishing more every day.(or more days) (including employment) Yeah, right! At least, I will say"Merry Christmas". Amen!