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moms turning 60-gift/party ideas

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  • moms turning 60-gift/party ideas

    My mom is wonderful! She has helped me though a lot of tough times. Sometimes just knowing she's there is very comforting. She will be 60 December 14 and has 5 kids who really want to do something special. Two of my sisters live far away and our plans for a surprise party haven't really worked out.
    I live about 2 hours away and don't have a plan for doing anything special yet. My older sister offered to get my mom a nice beach resort place for the weekend where we could hang out and bbq. But my mom said it was too expensive for us to do that for her.
    Any suggestions????

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    How about having some of her friends in for a surprise party? A good thing to give her could be a scrap book containing memories from you and your siblings. Since some are far away, they could mail some notes to you so you could put then in a book. Pictures are nice if you have some to go with the memories. It's not expensive and I'm betting she would love it.

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      A full spa day sounds wonderful to me. Each of you could pay for your own and then share the cost for your mom. Usually you get lunch and wine at one of these things. Its a great way to relax, be pampered, be fed and be treasured by her loved ones. I highly recommend the chocolate soak. Just the decadence of it is worth it. You might even be able to rent a limousine to pick all of you up and take you to your spa day and then maybe a quiet restaurant after you are all lovely and glowing from all the spa treatments. I am sure there will be many a person whose heads will turn toward the most lovely ladies they have ever laid their eyes on. I hope you will be able to do so someting like this. All Mothers deserve to be pampered for their 60th birthday at least once.

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        Thank you both! Great ideas! I think I'm going to incorporate a little of both. I spoke with my sister last night and we're going to surprise my mom with a fancy dinner and a movie. That is my brother, sister, niece, husband, and I. My sister's husband will be out of town.
        It would be nice to do a spa treatment before, but even if I leave work early I won't make it to my mom's until 6 or 7. Aww, I was thinking of doing it the next morning, but I just remembered she has to work. Well, she isn't the spa type that much, but for a different occasion that sounds like so much fun.
        I think she'd really like getting a scrapbook. My nieces could all draw pictures and things too.