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  • Traveling with IC

    I was diagnosed with IC about 2 years ago. I've finnally gotten it under control with bladder instills, prelief, aloe vera, and a strict IC/low-oxalate diet. I still have flares often...I seem to be sensative to foods and stress.

    My question for everyone is...I'm getting married this September:woohoo: and we're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I'm really excited, but very anxious about food, mainly the 10 1/2 flight from NYC to Honolulu. Does anyone have any ideas about food I can bring on the flight? Do I just try to eat the airplane food? I tried to request a special meal, but the the IC restrictions don't exactly fit into "diabetic" or "kosher" meals.

    We are staying in hotels that have kitchens in the room, so I'm taking comfort in the fact that if I start to have a bad day, we can always cook up some plain fish for dinner. I just don't want my food restrictions to ruin a wonderful trip with flares. Any ideas??
    I just started a IC diet/low-oxalate diet blog!

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    I'm kinda a newbie, but I was in Hawaii a few years ago and know what the flight is like. I would pack an emergency kit with safe IC muchies. I would also have on hand a few 1 time use cold packs, Prosed (if your on it), and I would also get a note from the Dr. allowing you more access to the washroom if it is possible and also make sure you get out of your seat as much as possible. The flight is long, so bring things to do - books, cds, cards, a puzzle, your labtop, etc. Hope your trip is great - Hawaii is so beautiful!!! If you go to Maui make sure you take the road to Hanna. You will see nature's true beauty - waterfalls, colorful birds, and an array of plants.
    Good Luck!



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      I would also pack your own goodies and your own bottled water if allowed. If you can those heat packs, the stick on types. An isle seat near the bathrooms is quite handy on that flight. I have also made the trip to the islands. They are beautiful, but it is a long flight. Well worth the little discomfort of the trip and and time you will never forget!

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        Thank you both for your advice! I've flown a few times on short flights since I've had IC, but never on a 10 1/2 hour flight! I did book the isle seat close to the bathroom. I'm also on the low-oxalate diet, so that makes snaks harder. I usually eat mozzerella string cheese for a snack, but cheese will spoil without an ice pack. I have to check with the airlines if ice packs are considered liquids or not. I know I can't bring my own water from home (the liquid rule) but I can get some in the terminal to bring on the plane. Does anyone have non-perishable snack ideas????

        I don't take prosid, but I take pyridium when I need it. Those are similiar, right? I use the IC cushion from the ICN shop at work, which is wonderful. But, it's too big to put in a carry-on and take on the plane. I wish they made a travel/blow-up cushion for plane trips! Maybe they'll invent one before I go.

        We're not making it the Maui on this trip, not enough time unfortunatly. We're going to Oahu for the half the vacay and Kauai for the last half. I've been to Maui when I was a kid and I remember it being beautiful! There's so much to do on the islands, I'm sure we'll go back for an anniversary. This is my fiance's first trip...I'm sure he'll love it!

        Thank you again for the advice. If you have any snack ideas...let me know!!
        I just started a IC diet/low-oxalate diet blog!


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          I don't really have any great ideas but I just want to offer some support I did a 2 hr flight, then 14 hour, then 3 hour to Japan and I made it alright.


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            Grats on getting married!
            I travel a fair ammount and have been diagnosed with IC for many years. If you want to eat some of the airline food, go with the kosher meal. Kosher standards are fairly high, so the food quality is ususally better and they do not use as many perservatives. The last flight I had, they served string cheese with their meal.
            For air travel, I try and take some pyridium and my pain medicine. Sleeping is always preferable to awake with pain.
            Lastly, I have a travel pillow that I can use on my neck or back. Its one of those squishy ones, and small enough to fit in my carry on.
            Don't worry! I've survived 17 hour, 12, and 10 hour trips. Just try and relax!
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              there is normally a bland meal selection - or something like vegetarian or you can request certain things sometimes

              To be on the safe side, do pack some ic friendly snacks (ie a cereal bar or crisps or crackers..) in your handbag and on one or two long flights i took my own sandwich - at lleast then if the option was an ic no no, i wouldn't be starving
              I would look at all the options for foods, it is quite extensive these days, look on the airlines webpage or ring them up...

              ohh, and get a bottle of evian or water you can tolerate from the airport past security (we have to do that in the uk, i assume the same in the US, ie no fluids?) ...
              if you are ok with bottled water, should be fine...

              ps a tip,if you can't drink tea or coffee, you can ask for plain hot water and make ur own tea....!!

              i would def. suggest taking a stick on heat pad incase of a flare... i got one from the stress but hat and pyridium and warmth of a cushion and blanket onflight kepy me fine..that too and sleeping through it!!

              that too and booking an aisle seat and also looking on, and seeing where the main big toilets are and sitting relatively close but not so close as you're in the way...
              i sat about 6/7 rows away and could see when the queues were going down etc..

              do you have the ic 'i can't wait' card?

              off topic, have you tried liquorice root tea? just boil the root and drink the tea...

              i swear by it....have had ic since 2005(diagnosed anyway, frequency since about 2004), got better on elmiron and oxybutinin and instills, but then got so bad could not work for 18 months, constant urgency..still on elmiron and darifenacin and now hydroxyzine since about november..
              added in liquorice root and 'warming' foods according to chinese medicine, really helps the bladder frequency...i put it in one of those mug flasks, take it to work and sip on it when a little irritation or frequency...

              tried marshmallow root but it didn't help me much...
              IC diagnosis: Aug 2005
              Symptoms: Urgency, urge and irritation and urethral symptoms
              Flareup for 1 year til July 2007 (had constant urge and pain et al....)

              Elmiron 100mg 3x daily April 2006 - present
              Enablex 7.5mg nightly Sep 2007 -present
              Atarax, Elavil 10mg nightly (Dec 2007)
              Acupuncture - November 2007 - present

              (Past meds for IC- Cystistat, Elavil 30mg, Ditropan, long term a/bs, Prednisolone, Cimetidine, Neurontin)


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                Thank you!

                Hi everyone,

                Thank you so much for all the advice!

                Sarilou-I'll look into the kosher meal. Hopefully I'll be able to eat something!

                Sweetangel-thanks for the snack ideas! You're right, we have the same liquid rule in the US. Most teas bother me, I haven't found anything I can drink besdies milk and water. I'll keep trying though!

                I just started a IC diet/low-oxalate diet blog!


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                  I have lived in Hawaii the last year and a half, which island are you going to?

                  I have traveled a lot with my IC and it can be a big pain sometimes but mostly I am okay. I just try to plan ahead and bring plenty of meds and I am careful about what i eat. I flew to Paris last year and it was a 10 1/2 flight, then an 8 hour flight. That was tough and an aisle seat is a MUST! Drink water every half hour. A flight attendant told me that a long time ago.

                  The good news is that there are TONS of yummy fresh fruit and other foods in the islands that are great for ICers! There is a fruit called Lychee that is so good it should be illegal! They dont bother my bladder AT ALL. If you like fish, there is tons of fresh fish there that is IC friendly. And a nice mango is usually fine for IC.

                  Congrats on getting married! I hope you have a great time in hawaii. It is a lovely place.
                  Current meds; , effexor 37.5 mg 2 times a day, and lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day, lots of reading and snuggling with the pets!


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                    Hi Sarah,

                    It must be wonderful to live in Hawaii!! We're going to be in Oahu the first half of the trip, then in Kauai on the north shore the last half of the trip. I'm not as familiar with Kauai as I am with the other islands, so it will be exciting to explore! My fiance has never been to Hawaii, so he's very excited.

                    Wow...that is a long trip to Paris!! If you can do that, I can definitly make it on the 10 1/2 flight. I'm most worried about the airline food, but I'll be sure I have my pyridium just in case.

                    Thank you for the food suggestions! I have seen lychee before but thought is was similiar to a grape, thus being acidic. I'll have to try it before the trip. I work in NYC, so I've seen it available in the asian markets. I do love fish, I figured that would be my safest bet in resturants. That and breakfast foods. We have a full mini-kitchen in our room on Kauai, so if I start to have flares, it's comforting to know that I can whip something up that's safe.

                    Thank for the all the advice!! I'm really looking forward to the trip!!
                    I just started a IC diet/low-oxalate diet blog!