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  • earthlady
    What a day! Good idea to get the travel johns. You never know when a day like that can happen.

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  • Jinny Jean
    Hahaha Yeah it was quite the day.... It is gonna be funny cleaning out the truck, I will probably never live this

    Thanks Donna for the travel john suggestion ..Im gonna have to get a few I think :P


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  • kadi
    Ok, now that was the ultimate bad day!!!
    But it sounds like you & your boyfriend made the best of it in the end. He sounds like a keeper... And I agree with Donna, Travel Johns are a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing. I was grouchy this morning because I flared really badly last night from 2am - 5am when I finally got up & did a rescue instillation. Now I'm thinking it wasn't so bad compared to your story!

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  • ICNDonna
    Sounds like one of those "memorable" days you'll laugh about some day. I do have a suggestion --- go to and order some Travel Johns. That will solve the gotta go while on the road problem.

    Warm hugs,

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  • Jinny Jean
    started a topic What a

    What a

    I thought it would be kind of theraputic to write this, and also maby a bit humerous, (or maby thats not the word maby ubsurd chain of events is the for others who can relate!

    I am not single, but I am a 20 something though! Anyways, yesterday my boyfriend and I took a trip to Vancover BC... It was a whirlwind trip and it was only for business, but since I didnt have anywhere else to be I decided that I would come when he asked me to go for the ride.

    Vancover is about 5 hours from where I live.. and unfortunatley my bf didnt exactly time it as well as he thought... We left at just about 7 am and his meeting was at noon in Vancover.... he didnt take in to account TRAFFIC or construction.... two major things especially in van.

    He also didnt take in to account that I have to PEE more than a normal human as well. Anyways at the beginning of the trip he told me I know you have something going on with your bladder but I can't stop, I realize im gonna be late as it is and if I have to stop all the time Ill never get there so please dont drink as much... yeah again...not getting it... Anyways I thought I would be able to make it, as I was feeling ok .. so I drank the cup of chamomile tea that I had and just tryed to not think about it...

    Well I had to pee. And I had to pee bad. I felt like an idiot, but I knew he couldnt stop, he was already panicking as it was.. and our road trip was slowly turning in to a crazy frustration. I ended up peeing in to the empty coffee cups from our tea that morning, and then chucking it out the window while he was driving. Eww. Needless to say I was irritated.

    By the time we got to Vancover, I had done that twice. Thank god we had empty coffee cups. I was suprised that I only spilled a few drops on the floor... considering we were driving while I was peeing in to CUPS Ugh.

    so THEN we get stuck in traffic. And for those of you who have been to Van you know it is nuts. There was NO place to pee, and this time there was no CUP to pee in either. I had drank almost a whole water bottle... as I had to take my elmiron and a few other meds along the way. I also never took in to account the traffic... and since we were ALMOST at this place I figured id be ok to drink some so I would have some to pee out later! Bad idea.

    Well turns out we were COMPLETLEY LOST and there was still no where to pee and no place to pull over because of the traffic. I was crying in agony, and my bf was mad as all get out because he couldnt find the place for his meeting that he was already 45 min late for. I ended up frantically cutting open a water bottle and trying to pee in there... but it over flowed ALL over the floor of his truck. To top it all off I have my period, and there was blood mixed with pee...

    Not only was I already hurting, I was now SO embaressed... that I had PEED on the floor. Even though my bf and I are SUPER close and ussually pee together in the bathroom anyways at home- it was still kind of embarressing and frustrating. He just gave me this "oh good lord" look and didn't say a word. We didnt speak until he FINALLY found the meeting place.

    He went to his meeting and I managed to sleep in the truck until he came back. When he tryed to start the truck again it was dead. He had left the key turned on just enough that the lights on the dash and his phone charger could stay on.. well that was enough to kill the battery.

    So we both sat there he smoked a ciggarette, and looked at eachother forlorn. We were both so tired, irritated, hungry, and I still hadnt been able to empty my bladder fully because the bottle over flowed. We don't ussually fight but at this point I was now livid. We managed to start his truck by rolling down a hill (it is a diesal... so it just jump started it).

    I could NOT understand how he could be SO insensitive! Meeting or not! and how he could make me pee in to CUPS!!!??!??!? and then watch as I overflowed the bottle on to the floor and then ask me "well why did you drink so much!" like it was all my fault. I felt horrible. I started crying and I couldn't even look at him. I told him he was insensitive, and I was hurt... but he still couldnt get "why" and so we just didnt speak.

    About 15 min went by and I knew he started to get it... I knew he felt bad for making me cry... and it just was a messy situation all around with the traffic and the pee... lol we just went and sat down in moxies... (the nicest restaraunt he could find because now he was sucking up)... I was still mad as hell when we got in there, but soon he was trying to make me laugh and touching me with his feet trying to get me to smile...

    What a WEINER! lol Finally we both just burst out laughing and couldn't believe what had happend to our "supposed to be nice roadtrip"... lol We had been 45 min late for an important meeting, stuck in traffic, with pee all over the floor, we were starving, and we STILL had to drive back 5 hours. WHAT A DAY. We ate lunch and then hugged, kissed and made up before driving home.. still for 5 hours.

    We got home and both passed out, we were SO tired. Thank GOD that day is over! Tonight we plan on having a "cleaning the truck party" as my bf puts it...shampooing carpets and all.

    Do normal people who DON'T have IC have to deal with this kind of ubsirdity! lol Crazy!
    Just thought id share hahah...I love my bf more than anything, and even though he doesnt "get" it alot of the time, I am so glad that we are close enough to be able to share akward bathroom moments like these and still fall in love every day.

    Love Jenn