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Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

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  • Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

    Has anyone else truly given the diet a real, honest try for a few months and still find it to be ineffective??? It really seems like my flare ups are NOT related to my diet! I'm worried that no one will believe me (except my loving partner who lives with me and knows what I've been eating/drinking and is just as frustrated) because some people say they gave it a try when they didn't. But really. I was doing the IC diet super strict for almost 3 months and I didn't really notice an improvement. And I've even gone so far as to test it.. Like if I'm feeling really good.. Drinking red wine with pasta sauce just to see if I flare up and I won't. My flare ups just don't seem to be related to my diet. Anyone else?? I'm so frustrated. 😞

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    Re: Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

    I can relate to this. The only things that seem to flare me up are:
    • Alcohol
    • Caffeine
    • Green tea and other high-acid teas
    • Cranberry juice and other high-acid juices

    That's it. Like you, I busted my fins on the diet and it just didn't have the same effect on me as it has on others. All foods seem to be fine, with beverages being the only problem. These days, I mostly drink Gerber pear juice, blueberry kefir, and filtered water.
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      Re: Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

      One of the frustrating things about IC is that we are all so different --- that's why there are son many different treatments. I think it's the same with diet --- the printed diet information was compiled with input from thousands of IC patients, along with medical professionals. And there are still exceptions.

      One thing I suggest is that you keep a detailed diary, listing time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, plus activities and pain levels. That way you may be able to find your own personal triggers, which might vary some from the average ICer. I do think it's worth a try.

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        Re: Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

        It is possible you have bad PFD and that is mostly giving symptoms. Or, my case: my period or ovulation give me bad flares, every time. Something to check as well, just to know.


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          Re: Diet REALLY doesn't seem to effect me, but still have flare ups??

          Not everyone is highly diet sensitive. At he beginning of this flare I ate only a few very safe items and still suffered 24/7. My main problems are urethral spasms and frequency. I finally switched doctors after trying a million things that didn't work at all. She gave me Ditropan and Trimethoprim. Within 2 weeks I was feeling SO much better. In 1 month I was having good days, whole days! without major symptoms. Now I have more good days than bad and I have resumed a somewhat normal diet. I still won't try tomato sauce or spicy food and I never was a coffee or alcohol drinker. But I can go out to eat if I am careful and feel like a normal person. I have discovered a few foods that cause a flare like onion and garlic powder but for the most part my triggers are not food related. Constipation is the biggest trigger for me and having IBS makes it that much worse.