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Im 22 ..light faint blood morning pee

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  • Im 22 ..light faint blood morning pee

    So i need help please !!
    My periods are about 27 to 30 days apart . My fiancé and i have been having unprotected sex for alil over a year now. i had my period on Feb 1st and it was over on the 4th. I usually have a very heavy painful period. I have Interstitial cystitis So my period cramps get very bad. Anyway i got off my period two days ago .My cramps were not bad at all compared to the usual one. The flow was still a bit heavy for about a day but not as heavy as it usually is. My man and i have been having alot of sex lately. I know for a fact we had sex on the 16th my birthday and the night i got off. This morning i went pee when i wiped there was like mucus that was very very faint pink. Now also i have been taking Latuda , i got on it 8 days ago.&& the doctor had given me a prego test to make sure. She had me leave it right before i left but i am assuming it was negative because i never got a call from her to tell me if i need to be on different medication. I have no idea if that has anything to do with this whole ordeal but all i could find online was hormone changes, implantation ( i just got off so i dont think that is it ) and last thing i came close to would be a yeast infection (but there is blood and i dont have any itchy feeling or smell. I am so concerned only because this has never happened beforePLEASE HELP I DONT KNOW IF IM NOT DOING ENOUGH RESEARCH OR LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACES BUT I NEED ANY INPUT. I APPRECIATE ANY ANSWERS !!!!

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    Re: Im 22 ..light faint blood morning pee

    Hello Mendobaby95. Do you have any pain or other weird symptoms with the bloody discharge? And do you think it is coming from your vagina or bladder? If you aren't sure you can put in a tampon and see if it is coming from the vagina. Sometimes if I've been having sex a lot it I will actually make me bleed lightly, especially after a period. Periods symptoms can change all throughout your life also. I've had times where my periods were normal, then times where my period would start and stop and start again. I wouldn't be too concerned but it never hurts to go see your gynecologist just to make sure everything is ok and put your mind at ease. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    IBS-D: 1997
    Premature Ovarian Failure: 2008
    Completely Menopausal: 2014 (age 39)
    IC: 2015

    Colestipol HCL: amazing for IBS-D
    Minivelle: estrogen patch
    Prometrium: oral progesterone to start period
    Tramadol: 1/2-50 mg. as needed for pain
    Xanax: 2.5 mg. as needed for anxiety
    Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Massage: Yay!
    5% Lidocaine: for urethral & vaginal pain
    Ice packs: helps soooo much!
    Stopped letting doctors mess around with my bladder! No more invasive procedures for me...only made things worse!

    This is all definitely hormone related...bladder discomfort and pain is very minimal now!


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      Re: Im 22 ..light faint blood morning pee

      No i do not. I just had the discharge those two times.
      Itbwas coming from my vagina it was on the tampon i had put it because i thought i had like started my period again. And there was alittle bit on it. Thank you sooo much.
      I have a appointment with my urologist i believe on the 19th so i will talk with her. Thank you soooo much . !! The only other thing is my right side like the fallopian tube ovarie area is got a lil shoothing pain rather than the throbbing and or strained feeling that i usually have. I thank you sooooo much again