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Thanks for all God has given me!

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  • Thanks for all God has given me!

    Everyday I get up, I pray that this day will be different. Between the IBS and IC my pelvic floor is in constant spasm. Then there are days when I actually feel normal with no real pain or spasming. But during this past year and a half since I've been diagnosed, I look at everything and everyone in a different light. I thank God everyday for my wonderful husband and family who have listened and stood by me in my time of need. I look at others who are critically ill or who have children that are and thank God that my illness is not as severe as theirs. I read the message boards that thousands of women have used and thank God that at least I had 53 years without this illness. My heart breaks for all of you who have had this most of their lives and I pray God that he guides scientists towards a cure. I thank God that we are in a comfortable financial position to afford decent insurance that pays for all the doctors and all the therapists. With heart felt thanks, I thank all of you who have read this and hope this gives you some comfort.