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Snowy Valentine's Day blessing

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  • Snowy Valentine's Day blessing

    Like so much of the country, we've been hit hard by a snow storm this week. The snow started in the middle of the night between Monday and Tuesday and didn't stop until midnight Tuesday. After a foot of snow and wind up to 40 mph causing drifts, we've been stuck at home. Today is the first day we've been able to venture out at all.

    Anyway, that included Valentine's Day. We already were skipping gifts this year since we just had to unexpectedly buy a furnace last week. Then we weren't even able to get out. Now, granted, we've been married 7-1/2 years and dated for five before that, but still. And we have had many Valentine's Days where we celebrated on another day. Especially when we were first married and in college.

    Yet, I was still feeling a bit mopey about it. My hubby headed out to snow blow our driveway once again after the salt truck came down the road. We both knew we'd end up heading out for work today. (Me just for teaching a class this afternoon - I work from home.) So he finished snow blowing and I was waiting for him to come in. I looked out and saw he was cleaning off my car, which was parked in the driveway.

    So it's not exactly the Valentine's I had in mind, but was another reminder of why I love the man so much. Usually we're pretty independent in car care, but he knew I was dreading cleaning the car off. He didn't say a word and just did it. I have no complaints about Valentine's Day 07!
    ~ Stacey

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    Stacy that is so sweet of him. Isn't it great how the simplest of things they do remind us of why we love them.

    Stay Warm!


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      Awww. It is those small moments, really, that make like into love That is what Valentine's day is all about! Soooo sweet.

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        hubby finally opened the the decorated box with the silk hearts boxers and candy, but never said a word about it.... I got what I always get every hoilday and birthday NOTHING!
        We did get quite a bit of snow, and he had me drive him 18 or so miles to get a fuse for his brothers ghel to plow out our alread plowed drive way.. (my friends hubby plowed it that morning) never mind the fact that he could have gotten the fuse 3 blks away at autozone. He said no, but I think so!! I think we had gotten one there before..
        if he would have at least acknowledged my gift I would have been ok with it.. I guess I will forever be forgotten.
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          Hey, Tigger. So sorry about your Valentine's. That stinks. I'm sure your children appreciate you, even when they don't say it. And you are very loved on here! I'm sending you the taste of chocolate and your favorite foods that you miss!
          ~ Stacey


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            Stacey, I had a thought (!) while reading your lovely post. This whole snowing in business.... back in other times we would have been truly snowed in. When the power isn't out we can still contact other people, shop, chat, get music, watch movies, etc.... Do we know what it's really like anymore? Except for those of course who have lost power for weeks etc.... Obviously there are those that get it. But I know I have taken it for granted up till I got snowed in here, and without power. I couldn't do anything. Yuck!


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              ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) thanks
              'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'