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Grateful for Maine Coons, lol!

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    Originally posted by IC SARAH-CPP
    The pixies are SO cute!! Their faces do look like Bengals or something. Did you say you had a pixie Moonheart? I want a cat now! I just have to work on hubby, lol.
    I am so happy you explained your name Jen. I have always wondered where it came from. I agree also that perfection is not an ideal I would ever like to achieve or a state I would like everything to be in. How could you enjoy the good moments if you never had any bad moments? If we lived everyday in our idea of perfection, wouldnt it cease to be perfect and become ordinary?
    I too have always loved Paddington's name. There is something very comforting about it!
    I didnt know you had a bunny Kara. I grew up with bunnies. My mom loved them. I was horrified in france how many people ate rabbit. It seemed to be the main dish at most restaurants! Icky. I am very American when it comes to the meat I will eat. No sheep stomach, rabbit or bull balls for me, lol!
    I love this thread. It is so cool to hear all about everyones pets. They bring us so much joy.
    I had two of them, one long hair and one short hair. They were so wonderful! I had to give them up during some hard times a few years ago. I miss them alot. They were absolute loves.

    I only have my Yorkie now. But I'd love to have the Pixies again someday.


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      Just had to share my new find on the web. I came across these while looking up Pixie Bobs. These are just GORGEOUS AND HUGE!!!! :woohoo: