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Hair loss alternative .. I love the new me!

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  • Hair loss alternative .. I love the new me!

    I had gradual hair thinning over 4 years from Elmiron. Adding an anti-depressant in July made my hair even worse as that med also carried a side effect of hair loss or thinning. I was so happy being totally out of pain but very unhappy about my baby fine hair. I was unwilling to make a $30.00 a month hair loss shampoo commitment as my hair was at the point where saving it was not worth the investment. I still have bangs on a very short cut. So an e-mail friend suggested I think about a wig. Long story short I did all kinds or research and found a company that is wonderful. I reluctantly ordered a wig in my similar style. Got the color wrong as I went too dark. When in doubt , go lighter! (A med brown with brown highlights is the winner for me.) So I wore it and got lots of compliments and no one knew. So I went longer on another wig and the another! Now I wear the Chanel style wig whcuh is to my shoulders. I LOVE IT! I am a fashion lover anyway, bags and shoes are my thing. The wig has taken some years off my appearance and I am loving having the hair I had before I ever went short. My thinking was why not wear a style I love instead of trying to fix one that was just OK on my anyway. So I bought a back up wig too and do have the short ones for hot summer days. The wigs are a cinch to wash ( every two weeks), and I anchor them with bobby pins you never see. There is also a gel band strip with velecro you can buy to wear under the cap if the cap edge is uncomfortable. (I love the gel band and it was worth the money. ) I have a petite size head but seem to be fine with average style wig caps ( great because the good styles are usually in the average size!) especially with the gel band that takes up a little slack. The wigs adjust with velcro and the best part, if you don't like the wig style or wig, you can send it back! Just keep the tags and packaging. You pay shipping back but they pay for the postage on a wig swap back to you. You can swap till you find one you like. They have a 5.00 color swatch you can buy ahead of time. I did not. This is the best I have looked and felt since IC. If you buy a Paula Young wig I suggest you buy a few wire brushes from the gal at do's for don'ts. She is online as well. (I bought 4 Jon Renau pocketbook size wire brushes with no end tips. Love them and keep them in my purses or around the house) The Paula brush to me is just like having no brush. Too fine or something. Paula has bargains all the time on wigs and package prices for shampoo and accessories. I like the fold up wig stand ( great for travel) but also the stryofoam head for wig display. I wore short wigs for 5 months and my senior high son who lives with us never caught on. But when he saw the long one , he said, huh? Says he loves it as does hubby. They wanted me to chuck the short ones but I know summer is coming! Now the best part! The synthetic wigs look real especially the ones with highlights and they have sales all the time. You can get a great wig for 50.00 or less. If you love one style order a bunch more and then pick your favs as no two cuts are exactly the same. Then you can just return them all one time and pay shipping. The company is easy to deal with and credits you fast. Shipping time is about 2 weeks. I wanted to write earlier but also wanted to be sure the wigs wash well before posting. They do! You wash by hand in cold water with wig shampoo. Swish five mins, towel pat them dry and then put on the stand. you can use hair spray but i don't. They dry fast. Even after two weeks my wig looks fresh but i wash it anyway. I wet the ends at times and use foam rollers if I want more pronounced flipped ends. But if you buy a curly style, it stays curly like when you bought it after washing. Seems I always want a slight adjustment now and then and keep the Wal-mart foam rollers on hand.I set it and forget it sometimes. Other times wear it like it came to me. They also have reasonable human hair wigs but I am so happy with synthetic that I am sticking with it. The best wig selection is on line but you can get a free catalog. It is just that there are more sales on line all the time and the catalogs don't get published as fast as the new styles come in. Also before you order from a catalog, call toll free and ask if the price of the wig or package this month! I was shocked to find a style was 29.00 in january versus 59.00 another month. If I get some good pics in St Martin's this week on vacation, I may be able to show you how the chanel style looks on me. When I get back I want to try the Donna wig I think. So that is the scoop. The styles range from those Polly Bergen type curly styles to sleek, younger cuts that are awesome. The cuts I always wanted to try! Had to share and hope soemone else who misses their old hair will be able to get over it as I have. Now I really don't care who knows I have a wig. Friends with so-so hair are thinking of going this same route. Happy spring and wishing you pain free days. Hugs! Carolyn PS I will be back a week form Tues if you have questions you want to ask me.
    "If you have the heart of a child, you can always look for the rainbow. " Carolyn

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    Hi Ginny,

    Glad things are working out great for you! Have fun!!

    Hugs and love,
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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      Thanks, Jess! Hope you are doing well also! Tahnks for the note! Carolyn
      "If you have the heart of a child, you can always look for the rainbow. " Carolyn


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        Hi, I am glad you are having so much fun with wigs, I do as well. Another company that is really good is called Beauty Trends, I have dealt with both companies for a while. I like going from one style to another, also I love the longer ones, you can do so much with them. I am not on Elmiron, so do not have the side effect, but just having fun looking different. My granddaughter calls it "my magic hair". I do the same as you and wash them, then put them on the fold up stand, it is so easy, and you can never have a bad hair day, which is great. I am glad that you are so pleased and it makes a big difference on those days when you are not feeling so great, to just throw on the hair and go. Way to go Ginny. Hugs Iris. hi
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.