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Something I thought I'd hate, but loved instead

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  • Something I thought I'd hate, but loved instead

    Here in Charlotte we got 17 inches of snow over the last severa days. I thought I was in a nightmare and living in Minnesota again (sorry to all people from MN, but I'm a southern girl lol).

    I sat here and watched the snow gather and gather and gather at unbelievable rates for NC...the kids were out of school, my rest time was cut to nothing, and I just hated it, til yesterday.

    I put on my old snow boots, wore lots of clothes, took the dog out, the kids out, and had threw snoballs, let my dog go nuts galloping around like a drunk horse, built snowmen, walked to the store for supplies (the store is VERY close or I couldnt have done the walk).....and just had a good day and by the end of the day I was exhausted, really exhausted by early afternoon lol....but it was worth it.

    Today our snowman still stands though it is melting fast out there and the roads are a slushy mess, waiting to be an icy mess tomorrow.

    But, after dreading this so much, I managed to turn it into something special with my kids and beloved dog, took lots of pics with my digital camera, and will remember this for a long long time.

    The next time the weatherman says snow, I just might not consider it a 4 letter word!


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    How wonderful, I am glad your day turned out to be a loving memory. The pictures you took will last a life time
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'