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    Good Morning,
    As I sit here at my computer and read all the trials in our life it makes me sad. We hurt we lay in pain and wish it would all go away and never come back. But, one thing keeps going thru my mind and I want to share it with you..
    I love my daughter more than I love life its self, probably like all of you with children I would go over, above and beyond to help her out and make her happy...
    Ashley is a great a kid. Let me begin from the beginnig and it will be more understanding of why I hold such a remarkable link between us...
    In Dec of 1987 My husband and went to my grandparents for Christmas a short 3 hour trip, I got deathly ill and knew I was pregnant.. My family begged to differ.. Well christmas night I was so sick I could not stand to even smell food. We cut our trip short and came home and I ended up in er and admitted for severe hydration and high risk pregnancy....Thru out my pregnancy I spent more time in er and hospitalized, they knew me by name when I came thru the door.. I could not eat or drink, and they kept me pumped full of phenabarbatol to stop me from going into labor, which I did often. I went from 140 to 95 lbs at 6 months pregnant, and they kept telling me to abort the pregnancy, I said over my dead body... it wasn't happening... at 7 months I finally started gaining weight and woke up pregnat one morning lmao (showing) things started to look up and I was begining to feel somewhat normal... Well my baby wasn't growing, at 8 months pregnant she was 3 lbs 16 inches. they wanted to do a high risk amo-anthisis (?spelling?) They prepared me and I had been telling them thru-out my pregnany I was losing the fluid and they said no I was peeing my pants (funny now) Well they took this huge needle and told me they were going to stick it thru my stomach, talk about increadable pain, it was horrible. Well during the procdure I started to cry and the dr told me to shut my mouth and lay still, or he would hit my baby. Well what came out of my mouth next probably shocked everyone and it was ended then. They did not get any fluid because there was hardly any at all, I was told I would have a dry birth and he asked me to sign papers to abort the pregnancy because my baby would have down sydrom and never live past the age of 2....I told him off and what I thought of him and his theroy and walked away.. fast forward. August 16 1988 I gave birth to a jaundus 5lb 6 oz 17 inch healthy baby girl.... fast forward... Ash has learning disabilities from the phenabaratol but her IQ is very high.... she's smart as a whip...
    When I am not feeling well she knows, I know when shes not feeling well as all of us as mothers know..
    Ok Back to where I started from... Ash is in the 10th grade, she goes to church 2 times a week and wants to attend college. She has boys that calls and ask her out and she says no I don't want to, but you can come here and meet my Mom...and we can hang out. I asked Ash why don't you want to go out with your friends, she says she don't like how some of them act and what they say. She don't want to get in trouble. The boys who asked her out cheated on there girlfriends and why should she go out with them, because they will just do it to her... (smart cookie, here)
    She always aske to go places and calls me when shes there and ready to come home. I know where she is all the time because she makes sure I know. when either one of us leave its always see ya later and I lvoe you.. and even when shes at some ones house its see you later mom i love you, and I say I love you too...I don't want that to ever end...
    Shes always going to bed early.. omg when I was a kid I was never in bed before 11 at her age.. she goes to bed between 830 and 930 sometimes sooner, she says she needs her sleep for school..
    Ash is her step dads world. he brags about what a great kid he has to anyone who listens.. last night for example his brother is having problems with his 3 teens and David said whew I am sure glad I don't have your problems I got a great kid.....
    she always says mom I know you hurt and if you don't want to (do what ever) we don't have to
    Well I can go on and on.. but I won't, I problably have already broed you to tears. I will end this here.. I just wanted to share with you how special my daughter is to me and David.
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

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    Hi Cindy,

    From the times I've talked to Ash on the computer, and even on the phone, she just sounds so level headed and like a great kid. You've got one great daughter there, and that is something that you will always be grateful, because I know that you are a great mother!!!

    Love ya,
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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      Cindy, No story about a child could be boring, especially not yours. You were so brave during your pregnacy. You felt awful, docs told you to end it, and to make your life easier you could have done just that, but you didn't, and you now have a beautiful gil who adores you, and vica versa...No, I have never seen her, but I know she is beautiful just from what you have written about her. Thanks for sharing your remarkable story, and best wishes to you, David, and Ashley grouphug God Bless love, Sheri
      Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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        Cindy, what a great story about your precious daughter. I know you must be very proud of her, and I admire you for not listening, and hanging on to your baby, no matter what anyone else told you to do about your pregnancy. It must have been an extremely hard time for you going through so much. Anyone reading your story, can feel how much you love her, and she loves you, and your hubby sounds really proud of her. Thanks for posting and letting us know about how special she is to you. Great post, hugs and love Iris. hi kissing grouphug
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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          Thanks all.
          I was bound and determined to have her after a miscarrige. she is my one and only, my world revolves around her. She really is my entire world and life.
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            What a beautiful story! I have big old crocadile tears!!! She is a lucky child to have a Mom like you! God never ceases to amase me with the truly beautiful people he brings into my life. You and Ash are so lucky to have each other and I am lucky to have such a friend as you!


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              I know you feel grateful to have a wonderful daughter --- she is equally fortunate to have you for a mother.

              Sending gentle hugs,
              Stay safe

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                What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. One thing I know for sure, great parents grow great kids.

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