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I´m very proud about my history!!!

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  • I´m very proud about my history!!!

    I want to share with everybody this beautiful story

    AuntiDebbieF knew about the travel I did, but she didn´t know how was it

    I´m mexican/spanish, my mother was borned in Spain on 1939, after the spanish civil war. My grandfather was militar, and he was in the republican army (he fight against Franco), so when the war finished, he had to be in jail for 9 years. When he was free, they came to México

    Well, 3 weeks ago my daughter and I visited the city where my mom was borned

    Our cousins took us to visit the house where my mom was borned and lived until she was 9. Incredible!!!!!, the house is abandoned, and is like my mom and her family left. We went too to the caves where my grandmother, pregnant from my mother (??) and with a daughter that was 4 years old, had to hide in the war. And we went to the jail where my grandfather was

    I don´t know if you can imagine what I felt when I see this part of my history and my mom´s

    Now I can say that I am able to understand better her, and my daughter learned so much with this experience

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    I bet that was really exciting.. I started digging into family history, and, on my moms side my cousin did, and, she got back to the early 1800's I believe. I done my fathers side and got back to 1639.. Its alot of fun but very hard
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      I agree that family history is totally fascinating. I know your experience was totally overwhelming.

      Thank you for sharing.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        How neat to be able to see all of that. I bet it was a very moving experience for you.

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          Wow, that is facinating!!! I'm sure your travel was both emotional and overwhelming. Knowing your family history is so important. So glad you were able to SEE your history and doesn't it make you feel proud. Thanks for posting your story. Tilly


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            Whoa Flore, that had to be an awesome experience for you, to go back to your roots and see where things had happened from your past. What a wonderful thing to have done. Way to go, Iris. hi
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              Flore, how wonderful of you to share that story with us. You must have been very proud and excited to see the places that your parents were.Will you continue your exploring? It is hard work...If you ever need a shouler to cry on, or even just to talk, feel free to pm me. grouphug kissing Sheri
              Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G