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Thankful for Thanksgiving!

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  • Thankful for Thanksgiving!

    For most of my life, Thanksgiving has been at my parents' home, and it has been a small affair; just my parents, my older brother, and myself.

    Several weeks ago, my therapist suggested that I invite my family to my home for Thanksgiving. I have been striving to establish myself as an adult (in my own mind) and she felt this would help.

    An unintended consequence of this is that I have become very excited by the fact that I am going to have control over the meal. Although my parents are quite supportive of me in dealing with my IC, they're just not as aware of trigger foods and ingredients as I am.

    So, I'm excited! I am eager to try a few new recipes, and I'm even going to make a home-made apple pie. I even ordered a local turkey breast, with no additives or preservatives, from my butcher. I think it's going to be great, and so I'm thankful to have the holiday to look forward to!

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    Thanksgiving dinner can be a very IC friendly meal; simple veggie sides are easy to make and no one at T-giving ever seems to miss a green salad with dressing if one doesn't materialize. But It's a lot for one person to make! Don't forget to ask for a little help if you need it--like anyone who makes a good cranberry relish should be encouraged to bring one, so you don't get tempted to taste it while adjusting for sugar! And don't hesitate to put your brother to work. The men in my husband's family mostly act helpless at Thanksgiving, when they aren't the rest of the time. I'm sure your parents will be thrilled to be guests. My MIL was so relieved when her children and in-laws took over the whole meal. It will be great.


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      I'm happy that your are looking forward to hosting ThanksGiving Dinner. I've always had it at my house for the past 15yrs. My parents would come over but.. they always invited other people without asking me first. But you can control on what you want to have thats one good thing about it. This year its only going to be my husband and myself. We have been married for almost 23 years. Its going to be DIFF. Know one thing we are going to put up the Christmas Tree. Its something we had started when we first got married. We have not been able to do it because everybody was here at the house and we are looking forward to it. One thing I'll be able to have is a glass of wine this Thanksgiving and not worried about upsetting my parents. If anybody has a good recipe for pumpkin pie please share



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        We usually have just us; but I tend to over do it all--too much food, but it does last for a few days at least. I usually do all the preparation and the men in my family does the dishes and clean up the kitchen. (I told them that if I cook then they can clean-and they have no problem with that it all).


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          My husband was a cook for many years. My mom hates to cook. The first year we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving and she made chili. Totally normal for my mom. My husband was shocked! So he decided that for Christmas every year, we would do a big dinner at our house. My husband didnt have family holiday get togethers when he was a kid. I think he likes to create what he always wanted as a kid.

          It's so much fun! We dont do it Christmas day, because everyone is so busy. We usually just find a day on the weekend that works for everyone. My parents are leaving xmas day and will be gone for a week, so we are going to do Christmas in January this year.

          We invite my grandpa, his lady friend, my uncle, my sister, her boyfriend and kids, my parents, my brother and his wife...and a few others. We have a tiny house but we make it work. We set up card tables and squeeze into our kitchen and hallway. Then after dinner, we go into the livingroom and open gifts.

          My husband does all the cooking, and I do a really good house scrub down the week before. We use paper plates, and have a dishwasher for the rest.

          I am hopeful that your Thanksgiving dinner will go well for you. I love when people come to my house. I love to entertain!
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            My Favorite Part of the Bird is > The Neck Boiled in Water with Bay Leaves !

            A huge plate of Stuffing.

            Mashed taters and gravey.



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              I like the stuffing with gravy --- I don't care if there's anything else on the table!

              Stay safe

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                Hubby and I usually do Thanksgiving Dinner before or after Thanksgiving Day. We have a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, some kind of vegetable, gravey...and the best part of it all...Pumpkin Pie. I do well with pumpkin and love it. I don't make a crust. I follow the directions on the can and bake it crust-less. No since adding the extra calories/carbs.

                We have friends who do not have family in town, so we usually get together with them on Thanksgiving Day. She is a gourmet cook. Yum. She knows my diet sensitives and always cooks around them. What a great friend.

                Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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                  Everyone should splurge Once a year* And Birdy day would be the day to do it.


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                    Besides the traditional food for bird day, I found someone who makes tamales...yum yum....


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                      Have you ever tried Turkey Enchilidas with Mozzi Cheese ?

                      Oh to die for , but not literally*


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                        ljharris, I know that this Thanksgiving will be very special for you especially with you hosting dinner! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

                        We usually celebrate at our moms(4 hours away) and then a small dinner at our home. This year my daughter's marching band is playing in the McDonald's Thanksgiving day parade so we'll be out of town this year. We'll be having dinner with the high school marching band in semi-formal attire at a restaurant so this should be interesting!

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                          This is my favorite thread yet... I LOOOOVE me some Thanksgiving! Food and family!

                          It does seem to have some really great foods that we all can eat... how exciting!!

                          I will be cooking for my boyfriend's family this year. No pressure or anything!

                          I found a blueberry coffee cake recipe on the website that sounds DELISH! Especially for breakfast the morning after. I think it's pretty IC safe except for the cinnamon.
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                            Leslie, Blueberry coffee cake sounds yummy!!!!!! I will have to check it out.
                            I use to bike ride all the time and loved it. I use to ride 3 miles a day. That was along time ago. I told my hubby that I want to start biking again



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                              It looks yummy too!!

                              Here the link to the recipe:


                              num nuym nuym
                              Let's wonder the obscure. Let's wonder the radiant. Let's wander this earth hand in hand.

                              My bike... my bff and escape from the daily grind!

                              "'I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one." Maya Angelou

                              Oh... and my name is Leslie