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A Common Virus Could be the Cause of IC in Some Patients

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  • A Common Virus Could be the Cause of IC in Some Patients

    Last year the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) made news in a couple of ways that could aid researchers in determining the root cause of interstitial cystitis in some patients. EBV is one of the most common human viruses and is found globally.(1) It most often causes infectious mononucleosis, which you might know better as mono or [...]

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    I have been diagnosed with chronic EBV syndrome, and my IC has improved significantly as my pertinent EBV titers decrease with treatment. I have been on Noxylane and Inosine for the past year to year and a half, and trying other meds and herbals to further increase my T cell counts and decrease EBV. Acyclovir decreased by kidney function by 50%, Lauricidin increased IBS, but I am trying Andrographis if other GI issues can handle it. My IC symptoms did not begin until 7 or 8 years after a particularly bad bout with mononucleosis in my early 20s, and were preceded by a couple of years of fibrositis (aka fibromyalgia). Unfortunately, testing back at that time for EBV was not what it is today, nor did I get properly diagnosed with IC until about 8 or 9 years ago.

    But I am greatly relieved that through the use of the IC diet, stopping sugar intake, and decreasing EBV, my IC is greatly improved, and I am encouraged that if I can wipe out the EBV, which I understand can take a couple years or more in my case, that I can continue to add new foods and maybe live mostly IC free! Hurrah for modern and integrative/holistic medicine!

    Hope this helps,