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Hoping to go on a mission trip

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  • Hoping to go on a mission trip

    I'm trying to go on a mission trip to Thailand this summer. I was approve local and state level, if I get approved my the mission program I'm going if I can get 3,500 dollars. So could you all pray that I get approved and find the money to go on my mission trip this summer for two months. thanks for listening. angel grouphug

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    Ki! That's fantastic news. My prayers will be with you to get the assignment. Hugs, Kathi angel
    One Day At A Time


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      Absolutely! That would be very cool!

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        good luck i will be praying for you grouphug
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          Hey, Ki...I'm pulling for you all the way....BB


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            It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you.

            Warm encouraging hugs,
            Stay safe

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              Hope it works out for you, what a wonderful experience for you, lots of best wishes, hugs Iris. hi hat
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                Hi there Kiyoka,I sure do hope this will all come together for you.You deserve it so much.
                I always am saying prayers for you.I will pray a little harder you now.I miss chatting with you on line.
                grouphug angel grouphug grouphug
                Please take care.Love always, Zookeeper Kim
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                pain & life gets you down...

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                  What a beautiful opportunity ( : The Lord will always provide a way when it is His will, Sweetie. A young friend of Grams went on a missions trip to Jamaica soon after she came to know Jesus as her Savior. She had just graduated from college, and her unbelieving family were much opposed to her going. Her assignment was to minister to deaf children. As she could not speak the language, the Lord gifted her with signing while she was there. Miranda now knows that the Lord worked this miracle so she could communicate with these precious little ones, who were without their families and much in need of hugs and Jesus'love. This was a lifechanging experience for Miranda.
                  The Lord's purpose will prevail, dearest. Let us trust Him. Love and prayerhugs, Grams


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                    prayers and hugs
                    I hope all goes well for you.
                    Life is what you Make It .By being kind to every one and all creatures your life will be more pleasant. Live your life for GOD and if it were the last day you were alive becausse it maybe.