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In need of lots of prayers

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  • In need of lots of prayers

    Please put my family in your prayers. Over the last couple of weeks we have had four members diagnosed with cancer (Cervical, breast, spine, and stomach), three have major surgery, two with minor surgery, and one diagnosed with glaucoma. On top of that we found out that my cousin is going to shipped out to Iraq. Please, please pray for the health and well being of my family in this time.

    Thank you angel
    IC-diagnosed August 1998 with cystoscopy and hydro
    IBS-diagnosed in 1998 probably had for majority of my life
    Fibro-Diagnosed in 2010
    Other conditions: Depression, High Cholesterol (irony)

    Primary symptoms: PAIN, bloating, frequency, urgency, fatigue

    Current Meds: Elavil 10mg at bedtime, Toviaz 4mg at bedtime, Lyrica 3x a day

    Failed meds: Vesicare, Detrol LA, Celexa, Vioxx, Celebrex, Ditropan XL, Elmiron
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

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    Your family is in my prays. hugs


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      grouphug grouphug grouphug prayers to you grinch and your family.
      'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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        How precious and powerful prayer is. For placing loved ones at the nailpierced feet of the One who suffered and died in our place is how we find sustaining grace and mercy to help in times of great need. God is faithful and His mercies are new every morning. May the Lord bring you peace and and strength as you walk in faith through the valley. Love and prayerhugs, Grams


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          prayers for all the family.
          Life is what you Make It .By being kind to every one and all creatures your life will be more pleasant. Live your life for GOD and if it were the last day you were alive becausse it maybe.