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  • Brystons update

    My ten year old nephew Bryston will be in the hospital until Monday, his mom arrived in Las Vegas from Salt Lake City and is now by his side.
    They are worried about him flying home and have advised that he be driven home. Transported via airplain could collapse his allready ailing lung that the mule stepped on. We are keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers are being lifted above so that he may be able to get well enough to go home earlier than on Monday, but his health and safety is of most concern.
    Thank you all who have sent prayers his way, he is still not "out of the woods" and could use some more prayers on his behalf. I thank you all who care , you have inspired me and have lifted my spirits, have given me hope in what I sometimes think is a self absolved world, you are all angels, self absolved you are NOT!
    Much Love,
    An IC sista'

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    I'm so glad he is doing well and will be able to leave the hospital soon.

    Stay safe

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      That is so great to hear, Jessica. Thank you for the update.

      I was thinking, when he is fully recovered and has a little distance from this scary incident ---- he will have a kick butt story to share with friends and future grandkids!!! wink

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        Thanks for updating us on yor nephew, still sending prayers for a speedy recovery
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          It's great to hear when prayers are answered...
          Hugs.. grouphug
          Tons of support,

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            Thank you for letting us know about your nephew. Sending prayers his way to help him, and his family through this time of stress for them all. Hugs Iris. angel angel
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              Bryston's lung did collapse and it is bleeding some, more than when he was admitted Thursday, the Doctors are still very concerned but will wait 23 hours to see if the bleeding is worse, if it is he will require a chest tube, we pray that this will not have to be. As of right now he is visiting another 11 year old patient and of course playing Nintendo, this is encouraging!
              The Doctors will not let him fly home because of the chance of the entire lung collapsing because of the pressures in the Airplane.
              His Mama (Melannie) is not doing so well, she is so stressed out she has a mouth full of cancur sores and strep throat, she admitted herself to the E.R. last night but after being triaged and taken back waited for over two hours and no nurse or Doc came in so she just left, she had more on her mind than herself, she is so worried about her little boy.
              So I ask yet again for your prayers for two special people whom I love very much, asking for your love and well wishes with prayers to a gracious God who can help them through this rough time.
              I love all of my IC family!
              Much love and God bless all of you!
              Jessica Day


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                Prayers coming your way. grouphug

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                  I will say a prayer for him i know how his parents feel my son is a 11 and has been going threw a hard time also he was in the hosp from 1-7 to 1-9 for kidney stones and he is still having some problems i pray his lung will be okay and he is back to normal soon that is a good sign tho he is playing games. wink
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                    Bryston was released from the Las Vegas hospital on Saturday night, poor little fella , it is going to be a long ride home to Salt Lake City but through the grace of God and the prayers of all of you who have given of your heart, thoughts and kind deeeds for someone you have'nt yet met I am truely grateful!
                    Thank You IC family!
                    Much love and hope for success in all your endeavors.
                    Jessica Day


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                      Dear Jessica, I am so glad to hear that Bryson is improving and that he will be heading home. Best wishes to you and to your family, little bear


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                        Hi Jess-
                        I spoke to my brother today while you were at a birthday party and got a bit of news. I'm glad to hear he is well enough to travel. I hope Mel is doing better too. I am so sorry that he was hurt so badly. How is the other person from the trip who was Life Flighted out later?
                        Your Sis in Utah. I'll try to check back, but life is crazy right now.


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                          Dear Friends, (especially Cheryl)

                          Wow, what a surprise to see you here at my "other" home. Just seeing your name has me all welled up and in tears.
                          You know what a long year it has been for me and seeing your name here with everyones else who supports me totally floored me! Thank you for you concern.
                          Bryston is back in Utah, they see 6 broken ribs, one big huge mule hoof print, and they believe he is now getting pnemonia, he has the gurggeling and rasping, it is hard to tell a 10 year old to cough it up and breath intensely when you have 6 broken ribs, pnemothorax, and the onset of what they think will be pnemonia. Mommy has to watch very carefully for any signs of fever!! If that happens it is back to the hospital they go.
                          Melannie says the ER did not make a big stink in Las Vegas. The X-rays they see in the ER are a lot worse but when Melannie took the X-rays into the Doctor in Utah they all stood around gasping, the side the mule stepped on is totally collapesed and not at all rounded like the other side. The X- ray technician wanted his own copy's to show his students, saying it would make a great teaching tool, he had never seen a case quite this bad! Scares me even the more!
                          Poor guy is tough as rocks, "Good Pioneer Stock!"
                          He is a testiment to many heartfelt and answered prayers.
                          He has always been the sunshine of my life! I try not to think about it too much because it makes me cry!
                          Thank you all for your love and concern.
                          An IC Sista'


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                            Hey Jess I had to wait a long long time to get a sister! My brother had to get married for me to have one. We've gotta stick together, after all we are family.
                            Poor Britty Brat! I guess he is getting a crash course in trials. It is so hard to watch children go through trails. We all wish they did not have to go through them as they cross slowly over into adulthood.
                            Life has been really crazy today and now I must face trying to teach little Tyler to sleep for more than a 3 hour stretch with out waking me up. I have taught the little thing to be a stinker by not being a firmer mommy. This little guy keeps me hopping. He is the 20 pound boss at our house. (Course he started out the 3 pound boss at our house. *grin*) He is sooooo cute! There is a reason he is named after my dear brother! He can really charm you when he wants to.
                            Hang in there Jess. Don't forget that I love you!
                            Your sis-


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                              prayers for Bryson
                              Life is what you Make It .By being kind to every one and all creatures your life will be more pleasant. Live your life for GOD and if it were the last day you were alive becausse it maybe.