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    Tomorrow I have a uro appt. for pre-op for my hydro. I know tha my doc. and I talked about last Sept. when other surgery wa done that we should take out my inter-stim. Since I have been doing PT my PFD is better. I feel that the inter-stim caused part of my problems. I need prayers that I will make the right decision as to what to do about it.
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    Keep your eyes on the Lord and he will direct your paths.

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    I know it has to be an agonizing decision, and I will certainly pray that you make the right one. I havent ever had the Interstim, so I cant offer much help there, but I know you know your body and am sure you will do what is right.

    I hope that your hydro goes well and it brings you lots of relief. You will be in my prayers.

    Many hugs,


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      Big Red I dont know if you read my thread about my decision to remove my InterStim, but I know it was a hard choice to make. It took me quite a while to actually decide to go forward and have it removed. I got my 2nd one in 2005 and after that it was one thing after the other and I finally made the choice to remove it. If you ever need anything I will be happy to help any way I can.
      God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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