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Had more tests done today

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  • Had more tests done today

    About 2 weeks ago, I had a followup ultrasound done on my liver (for liver cysts)-last year they were discovered - however, not doing anything with them as they are not causing any pain or anything; just have to have followup ultrasounds every year). Anyway, had one done like I said about 2 weeks ago, everything is fine with this, however they discovered my gallbladder is very enlarged. The nurse called me back with the results. Asked me if I was having any symptoms-- I told her that actually I was, but I thought it was severe heartburn-- told her I had about 4 really bad attacks in the last 6 weeks and several mild ones too many to count. Plus I have IBS-D and that has been acting up. She asked me how come I didn't say anything to her or the doctor and I said I didn't want to add anything else to the long list of my ailments. Anyway, today I had to go in for a Hida Scan. the Tech. said that she was able to see everything - doctor will get results in by Friday. Hopefully i will know by early next week. Looks like I will get my Gallbladder out soon. Will let you know the results when I get them.

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    Hi Mary,
    I have very healthy kidney's.
    I am lucky in that respect, considering all the other stuff I have to deal with and another major op 6 weeks away.
    Thinking of you ok.
    Sending huge HUGS to you and get well soon.xxxx
    Take care xxxx
    I have had IC and PBS for 20+ years.
    Tried every medication I can think off.
    Had a Clam Cystoplasty with Mitrofanoff in November 2006.
    Had a Total Cystectomy, with a neobladder, Urethradectomy and Mitrofanoff review, also had a peristomal hernia repaired.
    4th october 2007.

    Check out my profile on
    if you want to know more about me.


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      HI Mary!
      Sorry to hear about the additional health problems! It seems for us when it rains it pours!
      I had my Gallbladder removed 6 months after my gastric bypass surgery. It's not a real bad surgery...luckily!
      I have IBS -D & C But luckily with eating prunes for breakfast every morning and not eating any high fat or dairy foods, I am doing really well in the area.
      I hope you are able to get your health problems under control soon. It's such a worry when things are out of control! Take care......thinking of you! Roxie

      Double Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery 8/09
      Unsuccessful MiniArc sling surgery 12/07
      Dx'd Hypothyroid
      Dx'd Chronic Axonal Neuropathy & Myopathy
      June 2007
      Dx'd IC May 2006 (after suffering for 25+ yrs!)
      First Cysto 1979
      First Hydro 1981 (Many treatments since then!)
      Collagin"Durasphere" injections for urethra
      Gall bladder surgery Aug. 2004
      Gastric Bypass Dec. 2004
      Dx'd: Barrett's Esphogus July 2004
      Dx'd: Vaginal Atrophy 2005
      Bladder surgery 2000
      Dx'd: IBS 2000
      Hysterectomy (fibroids) 1999
      Laminectomy 1989
      Dx'd: Degerative Disk Disorder 1989

      For IC I use Elmiron, Elavil and Freeze dried Aloe Vera (it works likes Elmiron, but naturally)and Azo as needed. I also take Zegerid, Randitine for Barrett's Esophagus. (which causes me to have constant yeast infections!)I take Cymbalta for Neuopathy/Myopathy pain. I use the Climara patch for menopause symptoms. I'm on a very strict diet because of the IC, IBS and Gastric Bypass. I take Primal Defense Probiotics and whole food Iron.
      I no longer have the awful urethral pain! I've been using MSM gel now for 4 mo. and haven't had a flare up or the urethra's amazing stuff!!:woohoo:


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        I will be praying for your test results to be good news, but if you need surgery, big prayers for a quick recovery(and painless)


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          test results came back

          My test results came back from the HIDA scan today everything is "Normal". The nurse ask me if I'm still having pain in my upper chest and back between shoulder blades- I told her on and off. She said the doctor told me if I'm having them still I really do need to come in and let him figure out what is wrong with me- I told her that I have an appointment in a few weeks so that I will talk to him at that time, ( I really don't want to go thru any more testing if there is nothing wrong!) You know what I mean?? But I am really glad that there isn't anything wrong and I don't have to have any surgery.


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            some more news

            When I got home last night my husband asked me what the test results were and I told him it was "Normal" he said how can one test be "where the gallbladder was Enlarged" and the other one "normal"? I said I don't know, so he said to call back the doctors in the morning which i did, and even the nurse there had no answers for me!! The doctor apparently wasn't in yet but I'm getting a referral to a Gastro which I am seeing next week and see if he can make heads or tales out of it. (when i called to make an appointment even the receptionist there said it didn't make any sense-but with the pain I am having she did say it sounded like my gallbladder --so we will see) My sister said if its not one thing with me its another!