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  • i need prayers

    i dont post a lot or ask for much but am going through a very hard time. my grandma just died from a long bout w alzheimers five of those years i was her caregiver along with my aunt. she was not only the matriarch of our family but our anchor , our role model our everything. not only that but im also going through a messy divorce (marriage of only 1 yr)where my husband did a lot of bad things to me. im an emotional wreck but physically and mentally too. i guess i just feel lost and alone with no where to turn to. i am seking counselling which helps but only a fellow icer can relate to the medical side of all this . i am thankful her suffering is over she was 90 years old and lived a long life but a painful life. she was widowed young w five young daughters but never let that get her down. she was full of life no matter what she went through and never met anyone that didnt not only like her but love her. she truly was a gem . i miss her dearly every day.

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    I'm so sorry, Callie! My sympathies to you & your family. Your Grandma sounds like an amazing woman and a loss like that can be so hard to bear. Between that and your divorce it's no wonder you're having a tough time. I will keep you in my prayers.

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      I am so sorry for your loss, when you were describing your Grandmother it made me think of my own whom I still dearly miss. I am so sorry that you are going through so much right now. It is good that you are going to counseling but I know what you mean that sometimes only those with the same problems can relate. Just remember that you will see your Grandmother again oneday, I will be praying for you too.

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        thank you vicky and d0ing a little better. saturdays were one of my days so i felt very sad that day . she was a wonderful grandma to 21 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren along with the 5 daughters of course. ironically she was an olny child so to have such a huge family is remarkable. she is still dearly missed.


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          I'm so sorry for your lose and for all that you're going through.


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            I'm so sorry for your losses. It's never easy to lose a loved one.

            Stay safe

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                Prayers for Callie and her dear grandmother and family.


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                  thank you everyone. it means a lot to me . even though she struggled for 10years w alzheimers she did well until the last few years . i guess what im trying to say is that we knew it was coming but it didnt make it any easier for me anyway. i guess we all grieve in our own way but i had my pm dr tell me that it should have been easier since it was expected and i should not be sad . kinda irritated me but hes a strange guy.glad i only see him once a month but hopefully for not too much longer. thanks guys and gals