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Prayer for NC Tornado Victims

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  • Prayer for NC Tornado Victims

    Just read where a single mom just lost her 2nd child today after injuries from the tornados. She lost one child and 2 nephews the day of the storms.

    The total now stands at 23 dead. The national weather folks said there were at least 25 tornados on Saturday in NC...really bad. I was one of the fortunate ones..the tornadoes did not touch down in my county.

    Please pray for the victims, for help and restoration here in NC.
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    I have been praying from the start, it was a horrible act of mother nature.
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      I have family there and my niece said it was very very very bad. She and a bunch of Army wives have donated time to go help clean up and help out any way they can. hugs and prayers to all.
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        It's very, very sad. I grew up in the midwest in tornado country and it's really scary.

        Stay safe

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            So sad! My family were hit badly. My Aunt who is in her nineties was alone in her house she got up from her chair and somehow made it to the basement. She was shaken up but OK. That chair is in rubble torn all to heck. Had she not moved we would have lost her. The hardest part in our case was her children & grandchildren could not get to her due to all the trees & lines down. A neighbor came to help. Very kind since all the neighbors were hit as well. It is my opinion that most people are kind and good and we never hear of them. Only the creeps make it to the news. Praying for those who lost loved ones. Ziggy