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  • Please say a prayer

    Hello ladies,
    I am asking for prayers for myself and my husband for tomorrow. We have to travel (drive 5 hours each way) for a specialist appt for me in Toronto. I am incredibly worried and fearful of whatt the drive is going to do to my back and now I'm most positive it will onlt irritate my ic( which for some wonderful reason calmed down a bit)
    Hubby has a little adaptor for the van where I can plu in my heating pad and I have back rests and blankies.
    So many accidents occur on the stretch of highway we need to use. The 3 kids will stay at home. My 12 yr old and Grandpa will be wtaching the babies.
    I'm just so SCARED!
    What's funny is, I am not even worrying about the tests I have to's the darn drive! Surely I'm crazy!
    Thanks for listening
    Canadian daisy

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    Stay safe

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      Good luck, Daisy. Let us know how it went.


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        I pray for your safety in travel and for a fruitful appointment with the specialist. Keep us posted.