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    Hey every one I was wondering if you could tell me some bread that is very iv friends like what kind and why's brand also some crackers type and brand and vanilla ice cream and if any one is able to eat pancakes ?? What mix they use or what recipe thank you so much in in a flare and in pregnant but I've been so upset and beet down I've lost 6 pounds in a little over a week I have to get some strength back for me and my baby so any food pointers would be so appreciated God bless

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    Re: Brands ??

    Again this is very individual...I'm thinking that as you are pregnant (or feeding?), it would be really good to see a dietitian familiar with IC if you can, to ensure you get the nutrients you need. babies tend to be protected, but only as our body gives them everything it can--leaving us the ones needing more. so getting support right now might be really helpful if that is an option.
    have you seen the IC diet list?

    I am very limited on food, so i aim for everything to be as nutrient dense as possible. I can luckily tolerate eggs, green veg, carrots, fish, and meat, so i basically live on kale / greens / courgettes / meat / fish / eggs (every few days) and the few fruit i can tolerate. but i'm still conscious of trying to ensure i get nutrients i need, and adding in new foods slowly but consistently...

    Jill talks bout the Ezekiel sprouted bread.

    can you tolerate quinoa? that is nutrient dense.

    i make pancakes from coconut flour & eggs--can you tolerate coconut? good rich fat...

    i can't tolerate grains or sugar, so can't answer the other questions--but as with anything, tread carefully as we are all so different so try a bit at a time.

    can you tolerate dairy? nuts / seeds? again, nutrient dense. I drink unsweetened Blue Diamond Almond milk for calcium (was suggested here) as very few ingredients, less for me to react to.

    sorry to hear that you are struggling right now! but hope you can get some help finding a really good, safe diet for you and baba!


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      Re: Brands ??

      Haagen daaz do vanilla ice cream with no additives or preservatives. Also only egg yolk as I cannot have egg white. They use only 5 ingredients and all are pure. So if you can have dairy this is a good one. As Kiki says maybe see a dietitian for you and baby's sake. This is what I am doing as I find during the day it is difficult to find things to eat. Losing weight also.