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Someone watching this airplane near my house

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  • Someone watching this airplane near my house

    This National Guard Cessna small plane carrying 2 people, just made an emergency landing about 50 miles from my house. It started having trouble about 130 PM EST and circled the airport for 3 hours to burn up it fuel. It hasn't made the news websites yet. I will post it when it does.It was actually pretty scary to watch this live landing. It landed fine and nothing happened. But it was scary thinking you are actually waiting for this plane to land and watching it happen. Those guys are sure trained very well. Not really big on spirituality but someone was helping these poor guys today.

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    I sure hope they got out of the plane without injury.

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      No one was injuried, they walked out of the plane and needs to medical treatment. i would for heart failure.


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        I would for my heart too! We live near a airport. So we are actually used to the noise and drown it out just like people do who live near a railroad track.

        But one night a plane flew overhead and both hubby and I looked at each other and he said "Now that one was too close."

        I'm sure it was a scary site. But hopefully they are o.k. now.
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