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Who would you want to meet from the Bible?

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    After God and Jesus, I have to say I'd love to meet Esther. She is one of my very favorite women in the Bible. Her courage and faith are astounding to me. I'm not sure I would have had the courage she did.

    Job would be another interesting one to talk to as well.

    Good question!
    ~ Stacey


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      I would just like to here Judas' story. He loved Christ so much, he was one of the chosen, he knew what he did and God planned it all. Because of the choice he made we all have the promise of eternal life.
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        Jesus, my heart's desire. He is the One I long to meet. I know that I will, one day. No one else compares to Him.


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          I love all of the answers

          L Thomas - I never thought about it that way.....what an interesting thought, you know that is right....if Judas did not betray Christ and turn him over he would not have been crucified. It is amazing how all of the pieces fit together to fulfill the scriptures.

          Thanks for all of the wonderful answers
          Miss Bessie

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            I would like to meet Jeremiah. He went through such problems, felt unlistened to, and still continued to love his nation. He gave up and asked God to take him home at one point and after God responded and showed him how he took care of every thing, he repented and went right back into the situation caring for the same people. I would also like to meet David who God calls a man after his own heart. A man who committed adultry and murder, yet still very close to God. His story really teaches us about how God's grace can forgive everything. I would like to meet the woman at the well who had the courage to change her life after meeting Jesus. I would like to talk to Elizabeth Johns mother and learn how she was able to give up John to God's purpose. She knew who he was to be, and knew that he would face tribulation because of the way he proclaimed the coming of Christ. I would like to meet Debrohah the Judge, and learn how she managed to stand firm and continue to make wise decisions. Yet even though I can't meet them personally, I am glad to meet them through the writing as that allows me to come to know them and the problems they went through so I can learn from their relationships what mine should be like.


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              I would like to meet Ruth. My dad named me after her.


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                Esther. The woman that became Queen and saved a nation.


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                  The Woman's Guide to the Bible

                  This is an interesting book all about the connections of women and God. It has some really thought provoking ideas about how God views women. It is worth the time to read. It has many different ideas on the theme and connections all through out the bible. Men and women should read it. For example: Vashti the queen that Easter replaces refused to come when summoned by the King so that he could put her on display. this evokes rage by the King. He then ask the wisemen (friends) what to do instead of dealing with his wife himself. They advise that the King get rid of her and her property by giving it to the new queen because it might provoke other women to despise their husbands. They then make a law that every man shall bear rule over their own house.

                  Lessons: Men fear strong women, men use money to control women, and men use laws to control women.

                  Next the king searches for a virgin. Easter is brought. The story then shifts to a different level as Esther finds her purpose and saves a nation. The story also shifts from fear of women to fear of the Jews, and Hamman is killed

                  Lesson: Other women often pave the way for another woman, every woman has a purpose in God's plan, no man can interfere into the purpose that God has for her, and the haterd of jews and women has no part of God's rightesousness.

                  There are many other connections in the bible as well. Very interesting book by Lynne Bundesen.


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                    beside jesus mary and joseph I would like to meet the apostle paul. remember acts 5:12 reads, "as a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least peter's SHADOW might fall on some of them as he passed by. bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed. BEING HEALED BY A SHADOW. I believe praying for faith and love to god. such strong faith having this we to can be healed by the power of god. but we need that faith and not one small doubt in our mind. faith as small as a mustard seed is all.
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                      Elizabeth It would be interesting to really know what she thought about having a baby in her old age.
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                        Judah the Macabee. The man who helped save the Jewish people from extinction long before Jesus was born among them.
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                          I've always been fascinated by the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. How something so bad turned around 7 years later. I would want to know what he did to work through to forgiveness that he would want to help the family that betrayed him that way. What an example. This story has played out in my life on several occasions and I hope it will again in another situation.

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                            When I first saw this thread it made me think, now I thought about it, I think it would be John the Baptist. John the Baptist was not afraid to speak the truth even if people did not like it. He was not ashamed or intimitated by no one because of what he preached, Jesus.

                            My first thought would be Jesus, because of his mercy, compassion, and grace. Because of his everlasting love for us, He made a way for me and for anyone else who ask.