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Raising Hands to the Lord, question!

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  • Raising Hands to the Lord, question!

    I know that we have ALL sorts of Denominations on this IC-Network Message Board, so I wanted to ask you all a question. I have been trying to find an answer to this, but I am not having any luck.

    Is it normal for LOTS of people in a church to "Raise Hands to the Lord" All at the same time, and then keep them up until they see the leader on the Worship Team lower their hands?

    The reason I am asking is that I have visited this one church off and on for a few years now, and I have noticed, even from the very first time I visited there, that when people Raise Their hands to the Lord, it isn't just a few people, and then they put them back down, it is like the WHOLE church ends up putting their hands up and then they keep them up until they see a person up on stage put their down then they start putting theirs down.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people Raising Their Hands to the Lord (I don't feel comfortable doing that) it just seems kind of strange to me that it is always mostly the whole church at the same time. The last church we attended, we had people Raise Their Hands to the Lord, but nothing like this place.

    So, I was just wondering if this is normal? Thank you all for your imput. I DON'T mean to offend anyone.


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    It's done in some denominations, but not all.

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      Worship shoul be in your own self. If you want to raise your hands to the Lord then you should do it. If your not comfortable then you don't. My church is a mixture of both. I was raised in a church that did not worship in that manner. There are some songs that people feel closer to God by raising there hands. I know that the Bible says to make a joyful noise. My singing isn't great. Keep your eyes on the Lord and worship as your hart tells you do.
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        My Church is also a mixer of both, If we have the spirt in us we raise our hands, but if we dont then thats ok to.. I dont think the lord wants us to do this just because every one else is doing it, He wants it to come freely at ones will..Thats just my opinion

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          Raising Hands the the Lord, Question

          Me Again,

          Sometimes this church I was talking about in the other post, comes across as this IS something that they have to do ALL at a certain time. Like maybe before I started going to that church, they had started this. I remember the other church we went to we had a Worship Team leader tell those on the Worship Team that when they sang a certain song and got to a certain part she wanted them ALL (8-12 people) to raise their hands to the Lord. Well, one of the guys told her "NO one tells me when to raise my hands to the Lord. If and when I feel the need to raise my hands to the Lord, then I will, but ONLY because I WANT to, NOT because I was told to".



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            That is how it should me in my view. It should on your own way of worshipping.
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              how about slain in the spirit. I was slain in the spirit. but in the bible their isn't one example of people falling down and shaking and things. It kind of troubled me. I will never say anything bad about the holy spirit as this is the one thing god will not forgive but I am just in wonderment about it.
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                Kim, I have learn through the years, if I don't understand something I would seek for the answers. The reason for this you are growing and you need to know the truth because then no one can take it away from you.

                You might want to look in a bible concordance and look up the words like falling, holy spirit, power of God, anointing. Also you might want to read the book of Acts in the Bible. You won't find your answer in a day but the more you search in the Bible and read it, you will begin to understand it more.

                You might even search for reading books about it but always make sure to use your bible as your guidance.

                Always remember to that Pentecost church has guidelines too. Each is different because all churches also has man made rules to try to keep things in orders. Just like we have rules in our house and our children follow those rules to keep order in the house.

                I would find a place where you are comfortable in and you don't feel you are being push instead of learning.

                Hugs, Trishann


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                  The church I grew up in which was a Pentocostal church and I can remember the people falling down, running up and down the isle, jumping up and down, etc...


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                    I look at it like this

                    For so many years I had only my head lowered to my Lord and sometimes not even that. I need a lot of lifting my spirit to the Lord. I usually don't notice what others are doing because my eyes are lookning up and my hands raised in praise. I also know that I am doing the things He wants me to do because He tell me in His boook.
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                      I agree with the others that you should worship as you feel most comfortable worshipping. I think worship is a very private matter, and each of us has to decide for ourselves, which church (or religion, or no religion at all) is right for us.

                      I was born and raised Lutheran, which although Protestant, has a church service very similar to Catholic services. Very liturgical. I take great comfort in the liturgy, and I am happy remembering when I was a little girl, hearing the Lord's Prayer recited, hearing the Apostle's Creed recited. When I recite those liturgies today, I am comforted. In my church, I very rarely see anyone raise their hands to the Lord. Really almost never. For me, this is the type of church I am most comfortable with, and the one that makes me the most happy. For another person, this type of church might be a terrible thing, and they might not enjoy it at all.

                      I think different people are attracted to different styles of worship. I also believe all styles of worship are pleasing to the Lord, and Lutherans in general understand that true believers are found in all Christian churches, not just the Lutheran church.

                      I know you will find the best style of worship for you, one that makes you happiest to be in church. Perhaps the church you are in right now will be that church, but perhaps another church will be the right one for you instead.



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                        Worship is definitely a very personal matter. There is really not a right or wrong way to worship God. I remember when I first became a Christian almost 20 years ago I attended a small church. They would clap their hands on occasion, but never danced, or raised their hands. One Sunday as I was singing to the Lord in worship, I didn't even realize that I had my hands were raised. I was one of those new Christians who just couldn't get enough of God!! I grew up without any religious back ground at all, so when I learned of such awesome love and forgiveness the Lord had for me and how he sent His Son to die for me on my behalf I was soooo overwhelmed and thankful. My life did a complete 180 degree turn around. I was asked later by a deacon in the church not to raise my hands as that was something we didn't do in that church. I was confused to say the least because when I was worshiping that day I sensed the presence of God so near that lifting my hands was the most natural form of worship and surrender to God that I could do. Unfortunately I was not accepted by the church because I was a single mom, obviously a sinner!! I realize now that they just didn't know how to reach out to me. Everyone there had been raised in the church. They just didn't know how to respond to or reach out to such a radical new Christian. I don't have anger towards them either, they learned from me, just as much as I learned from them. So I found a church that I felt comfortable in. I have been leading worship for 16 years now. In that time I have found that worship should flow out of a love for God. It's not about if we should clap, raise hands, fall down under the Spirit....It's about a heart surrendered to a wonderful, loving God. It's about seeking Him above all else, no matter what our hardships are, how tired we are. It's a time when you sit or stand or kneel and just let God know through song how much you love and appreciate Him and what He has done for you.
                        I used to look at people who would shake, cry, laugh hysterically, shout....and think wow, too weird!! But let me tell you when you sense the presence of God Himself, the almightily, all powerful, all forgiving, all loving God your knees are gonna shake not matter how hard you try and stop them. Worship and praise are the same things. I have heard it said that praise/worship is the plow that prepares our hearts for the preaching of Gods word. I really believe that we are to look for the lesson God is trying to teach us in all circumstances and situations. Sometimes the reason isn't made clear till much later, but He has a reason and purpose for everything. One of our sons was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was 14 months old, and by the time they found it, it had already spread to both lungs. We were devastated!! My hubby and I decided that we could let it overwhelm us or we could leave it in Gods hands. We played worship music 24/7 at the hospital and at home. The nurses would come into his room and say, "I just love coming into this room, it is so peaceful". We learned that God didn't really need us worshiping Him, WE needed to be reminded of who He was and what He could do and that was re affirmed in the words of the worship songs. Jonathan would sing along and clap, and on good days try and dance. He would raise his hands and through him we were reminded again of what a powerful God we have. After a four year battle, numerous kinds of chemotherapy and 8 surgeries, he has now been clear for over 7 years.:woohoo:
                        No, I haven't figured out what He is trying to teach me when He allowed IC to enter my life. I'll just keep worshiping and praising Him not matter what. I do know that one day it will be clear to me why and I'll be a better person for it. Unfortunately right now I can be a bit crabby....I'll learn!


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                          Where I attend, it isnt something people do, but I have visited other denominations where this is done. The ones I visited that did raise hands didnt generally raise them at the same time like you described. But, I have only visited 2, so I dont really know if it is a congregation to congregation thing or a regional thing. Wish I could give you a better answer! Hugs, Amy


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                            I love your attitude
                            What a great miracle and blessing about your son. God is good all of the time and all of the time God is good.
                            I agree with you about the questioning about IC. I don't question either, I just accept. I love God and praise him no matter what the circumstance. I know one day we will have all the answers in his time.

                            As far as the hand raising......I am Catholic and if I saw someone do that in our church I would freak out. I love the worship of the Catholic Church but Catholic's are about the least expressive people in Church
                            Miss Bessie

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                              Raising Hands

                              I am new here and I read your post. i just wanted to tell you to always ask your self what would Jesus do. He had a quiet way about him , calm , he spoke to people not yelled at them , he only raised his hands over people to heal them he spoke quietly when he calmed the seas. and the only time i know of him falling down is when he was carrying the cross. remember shadrack,meshack and abendigo went in to the furnace for not bowing down?? i think thats more important than theraising of hands