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  • Angel looking out for you

    I always believed in angels and that when a loved one passes that they are the Angel you have on your shoulder to help you. But I truely am starting to feel this.

    My dad passed away on Jan 25. I was the baby and the only girl. So I was a huge daddy's girl. Anyway the first strange thing happened in the car. My daughter and I were leaving the doctors office and I mentioned that the next day would be 2 week since my dad (her papaw) passed and that it suck. And just when I said it this air freshener thing that hung on my rear view mirror in the car broke. We both freaked out.

    For the last 2 yrs I have sent all 3 of my kids to a private school in are school district. Where we live at the school is not a good one and it is hard to get transferred in district to another school that is good. The district had problems rec. with the justice department on segr. the schools. Anyways with the bus fee for gas and the 3 kids going there it cost me $600.00 a month. Which is a lot when you dont work and on disability. But we have scripped (sp) and saved just to send them to this school. So when they first starting going there I asked if there was a part time job I could do to help with the school bill. They have several parents there that do this. And no one ever got back to me. So last night the school secretary calls me and asked if I was still intrested in helping cleaning the school, she said it would cut my bill in half to $300.00 so I jump at the chance. I will only have to go Monday, Wed, Friday one week then Tues and Thurs. the next and will be responsible for the high school boys bathroom and the upstairs cleaning. The school is small so this will not be bad at all. Of course my 13 year daughter is totally embarssed, Mom your a janitor, and she did not want me up there doing this. But one day when she is older she will understand.

    Anyway I truely and honestly believe that this was all my Dad's doing and that he showing that even though he is gone, he is still here in my heart and that he will always be the Angel on my shoulder looking out for me.
    God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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    you know its really funny that you mention this. Because every since my Uncle Don passed Away in 2003, I have always felt his presence in my home. Especailly at moments where I feel at my lowest and ready to cry. or in alot of pain, which has been since Jan 11th.. I feel a cold type breeze over my neck, but its a comforting coolness.
    When he died he came to me, when my dad called me at 5 in the morning, I told him he died at 304 am didn't he, he said yes, how do you know that, I told him he came to tell me good bye.
    Patricia, your dad will always guide you and be there there for you.
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'