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    I have read that lemon water is good for UTIs but that citrus is bad for IC. How can it be good for UTIs if it irritates the bladder?

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    First I'd like to say to the IC Network family.

    An IC bladder doesn't respond to foods and drinks the same as a healthy one. Most ICers find that things that are high In acids are irritating --- one of the worst irritants for me personally is cranberry anything --- which is good for avoiding infection in a normal bladder. It's not always easy to understand the "why" about things that can trigger an IC flare, but when you look at diet information, I encourage you to give the IC diet a try. The diet was developed with input from thousands of IC patients, as well as medical professional --- and it's helping many of us. UTI (urinary tract infection) is not the same as interstitial cystitis, which is not an infection, even though an IC patient can develop an infection.

    Sorry I got so wordy there, but sometimes it's hard for me to say what I want to...

    Stay safe

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      OK thanks. I am just confused since lemon water after digestion is supposed to be alkaline, not acid.


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        I know this post is from July, but in case anyone is still wondering, there is a very helpful post at the top of this topic about body pH vs urine pH. I think the wound analogy is always helpful in explaining IC. (Except maybe for the cranberry juice suggestion... I don't think people will ever stop suggesting I drink cranberry juice! Lol)


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            I've been drinking lemon water for almost a year now, and I'd like to point out that it brings a number of benefits to the body. It`s improved my digestion and I have no puffiness under my eyes. I think it`s improved my immune system, I usually get sick several times a year but this year I`ve been spared the colds. Also, this drink helps me wake up faster. Of course, any advice should be applied taking into account the specifics of your body, you know it better. I can recommend this I think will be helpful. If you have any diagnosis that prevents you from using such water, it`s better to consult your doctor.
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